Mighty Mask

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Mighty Mask (マイティ マスク, Maiti Masuku; FUNimation "Mighty Mask") is a martial artist and superhero.


Mighty Mask was one of the finalists in the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament. Apparently, Mighty Mask had not fared well in the previous Tenkaichi Tournament. He never actually got to fight in the finals because he was knocked out by Trunks Brief before the match. Trunks and Son Goten then took his costume and fought in the tournament as Mighty Mask until Artificial Human No. 18 used the Kienzan to cut the costume in half and exposed their ruse.

Video games

Goten and Trunks posing as Mighty Mask.


  • Mighty Mask is able to become a Super Saiyan, albeit when it is actually Goten and Trunks posing as him.