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"Yeah! Dig it man! You should join us! You would love it. They worship us. And soon they're gonna be like that for good."
Tard in "Battle in Kami's Lookout"

Tard (タード, Tādo; FUNimation "Mustard") is a member of the Four Monarchs.

Tard's Japanese name is a pun on the word Masutādo, or Mustard in English.


Tard is large, brawny-muscled, brown, Frog-faced, and has Bull horns and long, red hair. He wears armor similar to the rest of his comrades.


Dragon Ball Z

Tard charging an attack to fire at Gohan.

After aiding Garlic Junior and the rest of the Spice Boys spread the Black Water Mist and capture Kami, he followed his comrades to Planet Earth where they tried to take down the resistance near Turtle Hermit's house. Later, at Kami's Lookout, Tard fought against Krillin and nearly killed him. Shortly thereafter, Zald fought and nearly killed Son Gohan. Gohan then fought against Mustard, who had become enraged at the loss of his ally and tried to attack Gohan. Tard was pummeled by a kick from the young Saiyan and left stunned. Gohan then proceeded to relentlessly kill him using a Masenko.


  • Masutādo Bureiku – Masutādo Bureiku (マスタード ブレイク, Masutādo Bureiku)

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