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The Heavens Tremble is the first episode of the Garlic Jr. Saga and the one hundred and eighth overall episode in the uncut version of Dragon Ball Z.


Garlic Jr.
Kuririn, Maron, and Bulma

Goku has killed (he thought he killed) Frieza and is alive while on Earth everyone is revived and once again there is peace. But what the Z Fighters don't know is that the dreadful Garlic Jr. has escaped the Dead Zone. Krillin has a girlfriend called Maron who is introduced when Krillin is going to go for a swim. She thinks that Gohan is very cute. Master Roshi has a party at his place and Krillin came to invite Gohan.

Gohan asks Son Chichi if he can go but he cannot and has to study. Gohan sneaks out. While all the others are having a good time Garlic Jr. and his Spice Boys raided the Heavenly Realm. There are some flashbacks about what Garlic Jr. did in the past. He successfully attained immortality although Kami tried to stop him. Kami and Garlic Jr. fought and Kami lost but while facing Goku and Piccolo, Garlic Jr. had to use 100% of his power. Then Gohan saw his father being sucked into the Dead Zone unleashed Gohan's power and bounced Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone.

They then shrink Mister Popo to the size of a action figure. Now Kami returns to his lookout to find it wrecked and got furious when he saw Mr. Popo's state. He attacked Garlic Jr. but a surprise attack from one of his Spice Boys made him get entangled in the magical rope (which paralyzes the person it catches) and Garlic Jr. shrinks Kami as well. Now Garlic Jr. has opened the Black Water Mist and intends to make everyone on Earth his slave. Now that Goku is not there, who will save Earth from Garlic Jr.?


  • Flashbacks in "The Heavens Tremble" feature animated footage from Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone.
  • This is the second episode to not feature a recap of the previous episode (the first one, of course, being Episode 1). Instead, a scene is shown where Salt and Tard kill a few innocent people, and it is shown that Garlic Jr. is back, before the episode title is shown.
  • This is the first episode to have a new title theme besides Rock the Dragon in the dub.
  • When Garlic Jr. is explaining things at the beggining of the episode, he says that he was in exile for 10 years. But Gohan was in the Dead Zone movie, and Gohan at the episode was definitly not ten years old.