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"You've really outdone yourself this time boss."
Zald in "The Heavens Tremble"

Zald (ゾルド, Zorudo; FUNimation "Salt") is a member of the Four Monarchs.

Zald's Japanese name is a pun on the word Soruto, or Salt in English.


Zald is short has red skin. He wears Mongolian-style clothing.


Dragon Ball Z

Zald and Tard fought against Son Gohan and Kuririn atop Kami's Lookout. He fought against Gohan and almost won, but when Zald fired several Ki Blasts at the young Saiyan, Kuririn jumped in the way and took the damage instead. He was then killed by Gohan's Masenko that he had learned from Piccolo in "Fight with Piccolo", Zald also mentioned that he had a sister.


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  • Zald is the very first villain Gohan killed.