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"A friend. I was invited here, but I don't think you were."
Maron in "Black Fog of Terror"

Maron (マロン, Maron; FUNimation "Maron") is a Human.

Appearance and personality

Karin and Maron

Maron is shown to be very ditsy and at times downright stupid. In "Call for Restoration", Karin has trouble trying to read her mind to know her moves during a card game. He explains to Yajirobe, "I've seen party balloons with more on their mind". (This is referenced in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II when, after Maron is scanned by a Scouter, the Scouter malfunctions as it fails to detect any brain waves.) Maron is characterized as a bit of a spoiled brat and a bimbo as she is shown using her good looks to achieve what she wants. She also tends to have a snotty attitude, which is made evident when she refers to Bulma Brief and Son Chichi as "old ladies". She also has a habit of flirting with other guys while dating Krillin. This is shown when she flirts heavily with Yamucha. She does, however, show a firm care for Kuririn. Despite these characteristics, Turtle Hermit takes a firm liking toward Maron for "obvious" reasons - her more curved shape and her scanty clothing (that along with her blissful ignorance to his perversion).

She is very similar in appearance to Bulma in both hair and body shape. She is commonly seen wearing a bright red dress with low-cut straps, white cuff socks, and white gym shoes. She also wears a yellow bathing suit for swimming, which is very small (which results in some fan service).


Maron on Karin Tower.

Maron was first revealed as the girlfriend of Kuririn during the Garlic Jr. Saga. She was at Kame House when the Black Water Mist was released on the population. She was attacked by an infected Turtle Hermit whom she smashed on the head with a lawn chair. After Garlic Jr. was defeated, Kuririn broke up with Maron because he believed that she was too good for him, however, she revealed that she would have agreed to marry him if he had asked. By the time Kuririn had reconsidered his decision, however, she was picked up by a buff man in a sports car. Maron went off and was not seen again until she re-appeared during the Androids Saga looking for Kuririn, who was off battling the Artificial Humans. She stated that he was the only boyfriend she had ever loved. After waiting for him to return, she got bored and left with a bunch of other admirers never to be seen or heard from again.

Voice actresses


  • Maron resembles Bulma. Bulma even has a similar hairstyle during the Cell Saga. She also resembles Bulma's daughter, Bra in both looks and hairstyle, and as well was similar traits, like shopping.
  • Maron shares her name with Krillin's daughter, who was introduced later in the manga. The manga writer Akira Toriyama stated, however, he did not name Marron after his old flame. Since Marron, like Krillin, means "chestnut," it is likely that this is a case of the same pun being used by both Toriyama and the anime filler.
  • Despite being told about Goku, Maron never actually met him. Though in Krillin's fantasy about marrying Maron, Goku was seen congratulating Krillin as they head off on their honeymoon. She confuses him with his son, Gohan, and almost forgot about him at one point.
  • She makes a cameo appearence in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. She can be seen hanging around the Kame House looking for Kuririn. If scanned with the Scouter, her database entry states, "Scouter analysis cannot detect any brain waves. Perhaps the scouter is malfunctioning?' (Marron's in-game description).
  • In Future Trunks' flashback, on the background there is a woman that looks identical to her, but this is most likely a simple coincidence.
  • In the episodes, "Battle in Kami's Lookout" and "Fight with Piccolo", FUNimation incorrectly credits Maron's voice actress, Leah Clark, as "Maron Clark".
  • Her name can be an alternate spelling of the word "moron" because of her ditsy personality.