Future Kibit

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Future Kibit (キビト みらい, Kibito Mirai; Literally meaning "Kibit Future") is an alternate timeline version of Kibit.


Video games

Future Kibit appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai: Another Road. He and Future East Kaioshin went to the Tenkaichi Tournament to inform Future Trunks Briefs about Future Babidi's plan to resurrect Future Majin Boo with the help of his henchman, Future Dabura. Future Trunks failed to defeat Future Babidi and Future Dabura and realized that he could not do anything alone, so he traveled back in time once more to receive help from the Z Warriors of the past. Like his master, Future Kibit knows the Z Warriors.

Once in Future Trunks' timeline, the Z Warriors fought against Future Babidi and his henchmen on New Planet Namek. After the fighters returned from New Planet Namek, Future Kibit went to the Next World with Future East Kaioshin and Son Gohan in order to use the Z Sword, but it was to no avail. Future Janemba showed up and Gohan and Future Pikkon defeated him (though Future Janemba was just toying around with them). Their next mission was to recruit Future Bardock (Future Son Goku's father) and Future Son Gohan. Future Gohan was in a rage over his death at the hands of Future Artificial Human No. 18. This rage continued until Future Goku calmed him down. Future Gohan had his potential unlocked and was brought back to life by Future Old Kaioshin, who also gave one day on Earth to Future Pikkon and Future Bardock to help. Afterwards, Gohan, Future Pikkon, Future Bardock, and Future Gohan returned to Earth. Future Kibit and East Kaioshin witnessed the final fight between the Z Warriors and Future Kid Boo. The Z Warriors won the fight and Future Kid Boo was destroyed.