Future Babidi

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Future Babidi (バビディ 未来, Babidi Mirai; Literally meaning "Babidi Future") is an alternate timeline version of Babidi.


Future Babidi appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai: Another Road. He planned to resurrect Future Fat Boo with the help of his henchman, Future Dabura. Future Babidi appeared at the Tenkaichi Tournament with Future Dabura and stole the energy of the tournament fighters, including Future Trunks Brief.

After he failed at stopping Future Babidi's plan, Future Trunks managed to save the Time Machine and asked the Z Warriors of the past to help him. Future Babidi created more powerful clones of Future Freeza, Future Cell, and the Z Warriors from Future Trunks' memories to fight with them. Future Babidi managed to take control of Piccolo, but the Z Warriors saved Piccolo from Babidi's Mind Control. Vegeta, however, let himself fall under Future Babidi's spell again. This time, Son Goku managed to bring him back to his senses. The energy of the battle between Majin Vegeta and Goku revived Future Majin Boo. Future Majin Boo refused to listen to Future Babidi.

Future Babibi saw that he had been killed by Future Majin Boo in Piccolo's memories, and he remembered seeing the Namek Dragon Balls in Piccolo's memories. In order to change his fate, Future Babidi left Future Majin Boo in Future Dabura's care and went off to New Planet Namek to get the Dragon Balls and use them to place Future Majin Boo back under his control. Future Babidi recruited both Future Broly and Future Cooler to his side to find the Dragon Balls, but the Z Warriors reunited the Dragon Balls before them. When Future Dende was doing his wish, Future Babidi appeared with Future Broly and Future Cooler. They fought against the Z Warriors and Future Dende invoked Polunga to make the three wishes: the first was to revive those who had been slain on New Planet Namek, the second was to eliminate the Big Gete Star, and the third was to bring back the destroyed villages. Future Babidi tried to attack Future Dende, but an unknown spirit stopped Future Babidi and Future Babidi left New Planet Namek.

On Planet Earth, Future Janemba took the Dragon Balls and Future Broly and Future Cooler appeared and fought against the Z Warriors. After Future Janemba was defeated, Future Babidi stole the Dragon Balls. While Vegetto fought against Future Super Boo, Future Babidi invoked Shen Long. As Future Babidi was doing his wish, he was cut off by Future Mister Satan, who wished to become the most popular person in the universe. This caused Future Babidi to attack him, but Future Mister Boo, having befriended Future Mister Satan earlier, intercepted the attack and ate Future Babidi for his treachery.