Future Mister Satan

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Future Mister Satan (ミスター サタン みらい, Misutā Satan Mirai; Literally meaning "Mister Satan Future") is an alternate timeline counterpart of Mister Satan.


Future Mister Satan appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai: Another Road. He met Future Fat Boo and gave him a pebble for a present. They started to play together, however, Future Dabura saw them and launched an attack against Future Mister Satan. This caused Future Fat Boo to become more enraged than he had ever been before. He vented the evil within him and it formed Future Evil Boo. Future Evil Boo turned the tables and the new Future Mister Boo was turned into chocolate. Future Evil Boo ate him and changed into a new and far more powerful form, Future Super Boo.

Later, while Future Babidi was attempting to have his wish granted by Shen Long, he was cut off by Future Mister Satan, who wished to become the most popular person in the universe. This caused Future Babidi to attack him, but Future Mister Boo was spat out from Future Super Boo's body and intercepted the attack. Future Mister Boo then ate Future Babidi for his treachery. Strangely, despite appearing in the game, Future Mr. Satan never seem to mention his daughter Future Videl and she never appeared in the game or in Trunks' Timeline. It is most likely that there is something to do with Future Gohan never meeting her.