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"Let me have a crack at em'. I think it's time I show these thugs no one comes to Earth and pushes us around."
Yamucha in "Yamcha's Struggle! The Terrible Saibamen!"

Yamucha (ヤムチャ, Yamucha; FUNimation "Yamcha", Viz "Yamcha") is a former desert bandit.

His name is a play on "Yum cha" (literally "drinking tea"), referring to a gathering to drink tea and eat dim sum.[4][5][6]

Creation and conception

When Akira Toriyama decided to create Dragon Ball, he used Wu Cheng'en's Journey to the West as a prototype for his own series.[7] Yamcha is most likely based on Sha Wujing, also known as Sha Seng, from this novel.[8] Both are powerful bandits (Yamcha from a sandy desert, and Puar from a sand river), who eventually change their ways and help the heroes on their quest. A likely prototype design for Yamcha was the main character from Mr. Ho, a one-shot manga drawn by Toriyama. It featured a Yamcha-like character as the protagonist, and set in Red Ribbon Army Saga-like setting.[9]

Appearance and personality

Yamcha and Puar at the beginning of Dragon Ball.
Bulma and Yamucha

Yamcha's appearance stays relatively the same for the majority of the series, although his clothes and hairstyle are changed several times.[10][11] Many of Yamcha's hairstyles are also used by Gohan at various points in his life.[12] According to Android 19's scanner, Yamcha is 183 centimeters tall and weighs 68 kilograms, during the Androids Saga.[13] Series creator Akira Toriyama suggested that Yamcha would be a baseball player in anime filler material for Dragon Ball Z.[14] The first kanji Yamcha has on his clothes 樂 stands for "happy" or "music". After training with Master Roshi, he takes the "turtle" or "Kame" kanji "亀" as a sign of respect. Later, after training with King Kai, he wears both "Kame" and "Kai" kanji. He wears them the opposite way Goku did, "Kame" on the back, "Kai" on the chest, except in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might where he wears the "Kai" kanji on the back and "Kame" on the chest.[15]

Yamcha is originally characterized as a deadly warrior, who fears nothing but talking to women. After befriending Goku and the others, his personality remains mostly the same, but becomes very caring and considerate of the people he protects. He is showcased as a courageous warrior who strives his very best to be the best, but is unable to reach this status, a fact that appears to plague him. He also seems to have a great network of information, reconizing Goku's Power Pole as Gohan's during their first fight as well as being able to identify famous martial artists such as Bacterian and King Chappa. In early Dragon Ball Z, he shows great pride in defending Earth from the Saiyans, and is willing to put his life on the line to stop them; which he evidently does. After returning from the dead, he prepares to battle the Androids. During this time he loses Bulma to Vegeta, something that frustrates him to no end. After being nearly killed by Dr. Gero, he takes more of a comical approach, and becomes all but useless in battle due to the ever growing power of the villains the Z Fighters face. It appears whatever passion for fighting he had disappears with the emergence of the Super Saiyans, who severely outclass him in fighting ability, and he eventually comes to accept this. Despite this fact, he remains a trusted ally and fights on occasion when needed. During the latter half of Dragon Ball Z, he completely retires from fighting and goes off on his own. His very brief appearances in Dragon Ball GT further this, and he is seen alone with Puar, his fighting days completely over.


Dragon Ball

Yamcha was once an enemy of Son Goku, but eventually reformed and became a lifelong friend and ally. He was the first of the eventual Z Warriors to meet and team up with Goku. He was once the boyfriend of Bulma Brief and finds a constant companion in Puar. He had the distinction of being the one Z Warriors who has known Goku the longest, even longer than Kuririn.

Bandit life and meeting Goku

Yamucha battling against Goku.
Yamucha eavesdropping on Goku and Oolong's conversation and learning of the Dragon Balls.
Yamucha knocking out Chichi.
Yamucha showing his fear of girls when just being near Bulma freaks him out.

Yamcha is introduced in the Emperor Pilaf Saga as a bandit that lives in the Diablo Desert and robs travelers who pass through. He ambushed Son Goku, Bulma Brief and Oolong in order to steal their money and capsules. When challenged by Goku, they fought each other until the presence of Bulma made him retreat due to his fear of women. Yamcha returned to their camp that night and, while spying on them, learned of the Dragon Balls and their ability to grant a wish, he then decided to steal their Dragon Balls and make a wish to overcome his phobia. He and his companion Puar broke into the group's van that night to do so, but were foiled when the orbs under the sheet which Yamcha thought were Dragon Balls were actually the breasts of a nude and sleeping Bulma, causing him to leave in a confused daze. He attacked again the following day, destroying the group's van with a panzer faust, but was again challenged by Goku and retreated when Goku damaged his vanity by knocking one of his teeth out.

Realizing that he couldn't beat Goku, Yamucha instead decided to let the group collect all seven balls and then take the wish. He again came to the group, this time apologizing for his behavior, and gave them a car to make up for destroying their van. The car, of course, had a tracking device in it.

While on the group's trail, Yamucha encounters a mysterious girl who destroyed a T-Rex and was frightened by Yamcha and attacks him, causing him to retaliate and knock her out. Later, when eavesdropping on Goku's conversation with Gyumao, he realizes that the girl is Son Chichi, Gyumao's daughter. Not wanting to face the wrath of an angry Ox-King, Yamcha races back to the scene and apologizes to Chichi, saying he did what he did because he is crazy with love for her. He quickly hides when he sees Goku coming and, by luck, witnesses Chichi pull Goku's tail, exposing his weak spot. Yamcha returns to Ox-King's castle and remains hidden as Goku returns with Chichi and Turtle Hermit, the legendary martial arts master who trained both Gyumao and Goku's grandfather, Grandpa Gohan. He is awed by Turtle Hermit's display of the Kamehameha, an energy wave Turtle Hermit used with the intention of putting out the massive fire at Gyumao's residence, but instead, destroyed the castle and the entire mountain it was on. He also can't help but be somewhat envious after Goku is chosen by Turtle Hermit to be his disciple.

Yamcha continues to tail the group after they recover the sixth Dragon Ball from Ox-King into a remote village; there, he has to intervene and help Goku after Bulma is turned into a carrot by Monster Carrot. He orders Puar to turn into a bird and rescue the hostage carrot-Bulma while he takes out Monster Carrot two henchmen; Yamcha quickly hides again after this, letting Goku deal with the gang without having to worry about Bulma's safety.

When Pilaf's henchmen ambush Goku, Bulma and Oolong, stealing five of their six balls along with destroying their car, Yamcha has to again intervene, this time joining the group. They track the balls to Emperor Pilaf's castle but are soon trapped. From a hole blasted in the wall by Goku they witness Emperor Pilaf summoning Shenron and Yamcha orders Puar to go with Oolong and stop it. Emperor Pilaf's wish is interrupted by Oolong and, as punishment, the group is moved into a giant solar-oven like cell to die the next day when the sun comes up; they are not contained long though before Goku transforms into a Great Ape and destroys their cell by the light of the full moon. Just as Goku is about to crush Bulma, pinned by some rubble, Yamcha comes to the rescue and grabs his tail, stunning him long enough for Puar to transform into a giant pair of scissors and cut the tail off, returning Goku to his normal state. The next morning, with the balls now inert, the gang goes their separate ways. Yamcha and Bulma are satisfied though, as they now have each other and, therefore, no need to make any wishes. They go with Bulma back to the city while Goku goes off to train with Master Roshi.

Tournament Saga

Main article: Tournament Saga

Yamucha during the World Martial Arts Tournament
Yamucha failing to land any attacks on Jackie Chun.

Yamcha next meets up with Goku at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament where he makes it to the quarter-finals, but is eliminated by Jackie Chun, who dodges all of Yamcha's attacks and knocks him out of the ring with a simple hand gesture; this level of power, along with the physical likeness causes Yamcha to suspect Jackie Chun is Master Roshi in disguise before Roshi solicits Nam to wear a fake beard and convince Yamcha that he is not Roshi.

Red Ribbon Army conflict

Main articles: Red Ribbon Army Saga and Commander Red Saga

Yamucha and the gang just before their encounter with Hasky.

After the tournament Yamcha returns to West City with Bulma and the others. Bulma gets tired of him because of the other girls are all over him. When Goku comes to West city to get the Dragon Radar fixed he sees him and helps Goku stop Hasky, a thief hired by the Red Ribbon Army, from stealing his Dragon Balls. Later on after Goku defeats the entire Red Ribbon Army Yamcha and the rest of the gang rushes to help him but they were to late because Goku finished them off without them.

Fortuneteller Baba Saga

Main article: Fortuneteller Baba Saga

Yamucha fighting against Suke, who is covered in Roshi's blood.
Yamucha losing against Mummy.

Yamcha decides to accompany Goku and travels with him to see the fortune-teller Fortuneteller Baba at her Palace to learn the location of the last Dragon Ball to revive Upa's dad. Fortuneteller Baba doesn't give readings free though and will only do it after her five warriors are beaten. Yamucha faced her second warrior, See-Through.

Unable to see his opponent Yamcha can’t land a blow and was losing the match. He tried to locate his opponent by sound which works initially, but is foiled when Fortuneteller Baba starts singing. Krillin thinks quickly though and brings both Bulma and Master Roshi to the ring; he then exposes Bulma's breasts causing Master Roshi to have a nose bleed which covers the Invisible Man. With his opponent now visible, Yamcha uses his Wolf Fang Fist and quickly dispatches him.

Fortuneteller Baba then takes the warriors to a new ring, the Devil's Toilet which has a thin platform over a pool of powerful acid. In this arena Yamcha battles his next opponent, Bandages the Mummy, who is both a fast and strong mummy. Things look bad for Yamcha until he manages a quick sneak attack, tripping Bandages the Mummy off the ledge; though it is proved futile as Bandages the Mummy is able to use his bandages like a rope and climb his way back up. They fight again, and again Yamcha is pummeled until he is held up by his neck before being tossed down towards the acid. Fortunately, Goku intervened and saved him with his power pole.

Goku takes over the fighting at this point and defeats Bandages the Mummy with one hit, as well as the rest of Fortuneteller Baba's fighters. It isn't in vain for Yamcha though, as Master Roshi accepts him to become one of his students.

Tien Shinhan Saga

Main article: Tien Shinhan Saga

Tenshinhan provoking Yamucha during the preliminaries.
Yamucha battling against Tenshinhan.

‎Three years later, Yamucha competed in the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament.

While in the preliminaries he had confrontational words with Tenshinhan, the prize student of a rival school. When the finals were about to begin, Tenshinhan had Chaozu use his psychic powers to fix the fight schedule numbering so that he and Yamucha faced off first in the quarterfinals.

In their fight, they seemed to be relatively even at the start and traded an equal number of blows. Yamucha then attempted the Neo Wolf Fang Gale Fist, but it was beaten by Tenshinhan, who parried the assault and countered with a quick punch to Yamucha's stomach. Yamucha decided to go all out and utilized, to everyone's surprise, the Kamehameha. This was stopped by Tenshinhan who reflected the attack back at Yamucha with his Kiai and quickly countered, knocking him out. Tenshinhan did not stop there, however, and shattered the unconscious Yamucha's leg with a diving knee attack. (Note that this was Yamucha's only tournament match where he was defeated by KO rather than ring-out).

Yamucha was eliminated by KO and went to the local hospital and could only listen to the remainder of the fights on the radio. He arrived back at the arena once the tournament was over where a now reformed Tenshinhan apologized for the unnecessary beating.

King Piccolo Saga

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Yamucha's fight against Tambourine.

Due to his injuries, Yamcha spends the majority of the following the King Piccolo Saga on the sidelines. He is powerless to intervene as first Krillin, followed by Master Roshi, and then Chiaotzu are killed by Piccolo Daimao.

Tambourine attacks Yamucha and they battle at the Training Island. Yamucha is luckily saved from death when King Piccolo calls Tambourine to go after Cymbal's killer. When he learns of King Piccolo's takeover of the world capital, as well as Tien's seemingly suicidal mission to take him out, Yamucha joins in and races to the scene. He arrives with Bulma and Launch only to find it a desolate wasteland. They soon encounter a battered Tien who fills them in that Goku's actually alive and defeated the Demon King (although they heard on radio that "a small boy" was fighting Piccolo and deduced that it must be Goku, Tien gave them confirmation); Yamucha then assists Tien in getting back to the Kame House to recover.

Not long after, Goku quickly bursts in and announces that he is training with Kami before taking off again after recovering his Power Pole. This knowledge causes Yamucha to redouble his preparation for the next World Martial Arts Tournament.

Yamcha trains along with Tien and the resurrected Krillin and Chiaotzu until Roshi informed them that, to be able to reach Goku's level of power, they are going to need to find better ways to train than those available at the Kame House. After that, they all head to Karin Tower and train with Korin before each going their own separate way in preparing for the next, 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Main article: Piccolo Jr. Saga

Tien, Yamucha, Chiaotzu, and Krillin at the start of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.
Yamucha's humiliating match against Hero.

Yamcha next meets with the group at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, he has trained for last three years for this tournament (earning his trademark scars in the process) and looks forward to the fights.

Yamucha makes it to the quarter-finals and must contend with a nerdy human named Hero and finds himself injured by what seem like accidental clumsy mistakes made by his opponent (like getting kicked in the kidney after Hero supposedly tripped, and landing on the back of Hero's head, hurting his groin). When they both state that they'll fight seriously, Hero proves to be a fighter in a class well beyond Yamcha and quickly counters every move Yamcha makes. In desperation Yamcha uses his secret weapon, the Spirit Ball, a powerful ball of guided energy. While it proves to be an effective attack, it is ultimately futile as Hero (who is actually Kami) recovers from being hit with it and knocks Yamcha out of the ring.

Yamucha can only watch from there on out, in awe at the massive power displayed in the fight between Goku and Piccolo Jr. at which he is powerless to intervene. When Goku eventually does defeat Piccolo Jr., Yamucha joins the others in celebrating his victory.

Dragon Ball Z

Battling the Saiyans

Yamucha preparing to battle against a Saibaiman.
The Saibamen gripping onto Yamucha just before he self-destructs.

After the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament during the Vegeta Saga, Yamcha retired fighting and became a baseball player on the team called the "Taitans". Being one of the best players he still longed for the days of being a fighter. After Goku sacrifices his life to defeat Raditz, Yamcha is summoned along with Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin and Yajirobe to train at Kami's Lookout for the battle against Vegeta and Nappa. After completing Kami's training he then trains on his own until the Saiyans arrive.

Yamcha arrives at the battlefield just prior to the fight beginning, and volunteers to do battle with one of Nappa's spawned Saibamen after Tien defeats one. Yamcha's fight with the Saibaman is fast, and he seemingly defeats the creature after evading its attack and smashing it with a Kamehameha from behind. The creature was now believed to be dead as it was beaten brutally by Yamcha. But as a turn of events, it was just barely alive and gathered the remainder of it's energy to leap and cling onto Yamcha and self destruct, killing both Yamcha and itself.

The space tyrant, Freeza

Yamucha with Piccolo, Chaozu, and Tenshinhan shortly after arriving on North Kaoi's World.

Because of the influence of Kami, after he died, in the Namek Saga and Frieza Saga Yamcha was allowed to train on King Kai's Planet in the Other World as Goku did earlier. Joining him were the other warriors who also perished in the battle against the Saiyans: Piccolo, Tien and Chiaotzu. On King Kai's planet, King Kai tells Goku that they all crossed Snake Way in a far shorter time than he did, and that they all requested for tougher training than what Goku had recieved. [16]

Through King Kai, he is able to witness everyone's (Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, Dende and Piccolo fused with Nail) battle with the evil tyrant Frieza on Planet Namek. In a filler scenario, Yamcha takes on Recoome of the Ginyu Force and, similar to Goku, dispatches him with relative ease. At this point, the filler estimates say that Yamcha was nearly as powerful as Goku when he just landed on Planet Namek. When Goku is thought to have been killed in the destruction of Namek after defeating Frieza, Yamcha relays the information to everyone through Bulma. He is returned to life 130 days later in the first batch of wishes from Porunga and continues to live at Capsule Corporation with Puar, Bulma and now Vegeta.

Black Water Mist

Yamucha and Bulma under the control of the Black Water Mist.

In the filler Garlic Jr. Saga, while Goku was still out in the Galaxy after his battle with Frieza the Z Fighters all came to Master Roshi's House for a get together. During the time he becomes possessed by the Black Water Mist and became a mindless zombie who was loyal to Garlic Jr., along with the rest of the group except Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and his new girlfriend Maron. Afterwards, he is brought back to normal with everyone else after the Sacred Water was poured into the Seven Air Currents and Garlic Jr. was defeated. Not long after he resumed his baseball career for a brief period.

The Mysterious Youth

Yamucha during the Trunks Saga.

When a rebuilt Frieza and his father invades the Earth, in the Trunks Saga Yamcha is one of the defenders who prepares to confront him, though he is overwhelmed by the tyrants' power. He is just as amazed as everyone else though when a mysterious youth suddenly appears and quickly destroys Frieza and his force. He listened to the youth, who claims that Goku will be arriving shortly and, after waiting for Goku's return, witnesses their sparring in awe. He was then filled in by Piccolo, who could hear the entire conversation between the two, that in three years powerful androids will appear and kill everyone if they are not fully prepared; Goku invited Yamcha to train with him, but Yamcha refused, saying that he liked training at his own pace.

During the anime filler in this saga, Yamcha sneaks into the Capsule Corporation shuttle at night-time to attempt to train in 300 times the gravity of Earth, so that he can prove he is just as adept a fighter as Vegeta. However, after activating this gravity setting, Yamcha suddenly finds himself completely overwhelmed and on the verge of being crushed to death by the gravity. He ultimately manages to shift his hand to the control deck to restore the gravitation level.

The Androids

Dr. Gero impaling Yamucha through the chest after stealing his energy.
Yamucha watches Goku battle against Android 19

Nevertheless, he spent the next three years in training for the Androids' arrival. During this time, he and Bulma breakup once and for all. After the three years, in the Androids Saga Yamcha meets Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and Tien at the location of the androids arrival. Realizing that they can't sense the androids, the group splits up and searches the city for them. Yamcha is the first to find them, and unaware that the two are the Androids is quickly grabbed around the mouth by Android 20 (later revealed to be Dr. Gero), draining his energy and preventing him from calling for backup or battling them. Yamcha is then incapacitated after Android 20 punches a hole clean through his mid-section; the sudden drop in his ki alerts the rest of the group though, and they arrive shortly after.

Krillin quickly takes Yamcha away from the battle and gives him a senzu, causing him to recover to full strength. Though he doesn't want to fight the Androids again, he then tags along to watch the fight and, after Goku succumbs to his heart disease, takes him home to get him his medicine. Yamcha soon after transports Goku to Kame House to hide him from Android 16, Android 17 and Android 18.

The new threat, Cell

The Z Warriors searching for Cell.
Yamucha being beaten by a Cell Junior.

From watching the news he hears of the new threat, Cell, a monster that goes around absorbing people during the Imperfect Cell Saga . He aids Piccolo on the search for Imperfect Cell by piloting a plane so it won't detect their ki, but it continuously evades them. When the Androids later arrive on Master Roshi's island looking for Goku, Yamcha stays behind while Piccolo goes off with them to fight on a deserted island.

Later on when Perfect Cell broadcasts his intentions to hold his Cell Games, a tournament of sorts with himself as the only opponent, Yamcha decides to accompany the fighters, but along with Tien decides not to participate. During the Cell Games Saga Yamcha does not get the opportunity to fight until Perfect Cell creates his Cell Jrs, who attack the Z Fighters and quickly take most of them, including Yamcha, out. He quickly recovers after eating a senzu once Gohan destroys the Cell Jr's and spends the rest of the match as an observer. (Though in the anime he, along with the rest of the Z fighters, help in distracting Cell long enough for Gohan to raise his power level and destroy the android.)

Once Gohan finally destroys Super Perfect Cell, he carries Gohan back to Kami's Lookout and then makes the wish to resurrect everyone killed by Cell. When the group has difficulty thinking of a second wish, he jokingly contemplates asking the Dragon for an expensive diamond necklace for the girl he's going out with. He and the rest of the group see Future Trunks off as he leaves for his own time and then they go their separate ways.

Alternate timeline

Main article: Future Yamucha

In the alternate timeline, Yamucha was killed by Android 17 and Android 18.

Seven years later

Yamucha as a spectator along with Puar, Marron, and Bulma at the Tenkaichi Tournament.

Seven years later, Yamcha attends the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament as a spectator in the since he gave up fighting. Soon the tournament is interrupted though as the other Z Warriors leave, and then return with Vegeta now possessed by an evil wizard.

After Vegeta attacked the crowd, Yamcha went with Bulma and a few others to ask Shenron to bring back all the goodhearted people who were killed that day by Babidi and Vegeta. He then heads to Kami's Lookout to take refuge from the assault of the new terror, Majin Buu, and witnesses Goten and Trunks' first attempts at Fusion, and finally their success when they become Gotenks.

The evil Majin Boo

Yamucha searching for the Dragon Balls during the Buu Saga.

A day later, Super Buu eventually finds everyone at the tower and allows them to live for a short time. When Super Buu escapes from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Yamcha is quickly turned into chocolate and eaten with the others.

The final battle

Yamucha and Roshi giving their energy to Goku to form the Spirit Bomb.

Yamucha and Kuririn went to the fighters planet where Yamcha recovered his passion for fighting. It did appear that Yamucha had been training, despite his lack of willingness to fight, due to the fact that he could stand against two of the North Galaxy's strongest fighters. Later, they had a brief fight against Kid Boo in the Next World. After being resurrected, Yamucha's last real action in the series was Goku his energy to help form the Spirit Bomb that defeated Kid Boo.

10 years later, he was seen along with the rest of the Z Warriors at the 28th Tenkaichi Tournament and witnessed the emergence of Oob, the good, Human reincarnation of Kid Boo.

Dragon Ball GT

Baby Saga

Yamucha in Dragon Ball GT.

Yamucha made a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball GT in "Piccolo's Decision".

Shadow Dragon Saga

Yamucha and Puar's last appearance in DBGT.

By the end of Dragon Ball GT (In the final episode), Yamucha is seen fixing his car in the middle of the desert and probably returns to his vagabond life roaming the desert with Puar. He is seen in the final ending montage of the episode as well.


Puar and Yamucha in The Tree of Might.

Yamucha appeared in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies, Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, Dragon Ball: The Path to Power, Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Yo! The Return of Son Goku and Friends!

Yamucha, Krillin, and Goku all wearing their gis.

Yamcha is among the group attending Mr. Satan's party in Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!. He sits on the sidelines during the battle against Abo and Cado, although this is due in part to that they were decided weak enough that Goten and Trunks would be enough to defeat them. Gotenks uses Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist against the fused version of Abo and Kado, Aka, and after Aka unleashes his Super Destructive Energy Wave, Yamcha himself briefly enters action and uses a Spirit Ball to destroy the top of a large building that was about to crush Bulma, Puar and Oolong, as well as the various pieces of rubble. Despite having apparently given up on fighting, he is shown to be wearing his gi under his suit.

Other films

Westwood in Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins.
Yamcha in Dragonball: Evolution.

Yamucha and Puar both appeared in the 1990 South Korean Dragon Ball film. Yamucha appeared in Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins under the name of Westwood and was portrayed by Cheng Tung-Chuen. Yamucha was portrayed by Joon Park in Dragonball: Evolution.

Video games


Yamucha's Kamehameha
Yamucha's Spirit Ball
  • All-Out
  • Bukujutsu
  • Fusion Dance – Yamucha can fuse with Tenshinhan to create Tiencha. (Budokai 2 only)
  • Kamehameha – Yamucha is able to pull off the basic Kamehameha attack as well as some variations. One such variation is specific to Yamucha alone. Yamucha launches a Kamehameha made of three thin intertwining rays of ki that barrels into his opponent. He uses this to defeat a Saibaiman when fighting against the Saiyans.
  • Ki Blast
  • Spirit Ball – A controllable energy ball of great precision.
  • Spirit Punch – Yamucha charges Ki into his fist and delivers an energized punch. It is used to defeat Reacoom in the anime. Freeza also uses a similar move while fighting Goku.
  • Extra Large Spirit Ball – Has much more power than a regular Spirit Ball, and is even bigger than Yamucha himself.
  • Tiger Jackhammer Fist: Yamucha punches his opponent repeatedly before finishing whith a kick.
  • Wolf Fang Blast – Yamucha uppercuts his opponent then flys up in the air then fires a barrage of Ki Blasts some times finishing off with a large ball of ki.
  • Wolf Fang Fist – Yamucha's trademark attack. It is a very fast series of powerful punches, swipes, and kicks.
  • Wolf Slice Fist – Yamucha overwhelms his opponent whith a barrage of punches and kicks.

Vehicles and weapons

Yamucha's new ship in The Tree of Might.

Major battles

Film battles

Voice actors


  • In every Tenkaichi Tournament Yamucha has been in, he has always lost in a quarter-final match (in the 21st he was defeated by Jackie Chun, in the 22nd he lost to Tien, and in the 23rd he was defeated by Shen who was actually Kami).
  • Yamucha is the second fighter to learn the Kamehameha wave (the first is Goku) since the beginning of Dragon Ball.
  • In the present timeline of the Dragon Ball Z series, the weakest opponent that Yamucha fights, the Saibaiman, is the only villain that manages to kill him in battle (not counting Super Buu, since Yamcha doesn't actually fight him and is only turned into chocolate and eaten when trying to run away).
  • When completing the Arcade mode in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai as Janemba, Janemba attempts to use the Dragon Balls, but Yamucha prevents him from making a wish.
  • Early designs of Gohan in the Buu Saga make him look similar to Yamucha. Also, Goten at the end of Dragon Ball Z looks very similar to Yamucha during the Vegeta Saga.
  • In the anime, Yamucha can be seen playing for a baseball team called the "Taitans". "Taitan" (タイタン) is the Japanese spelling of "Titan", which is also the name of several sports teams.
  • He enjoys eating hard-baked Soba, a Japanese dish consisting of noodles.
  • Yamucha is one of the only active Z Warriors seen having the ability to drive on a regular basis in Dragon Ball Z. The other is Yajirobe. Piccolo has been seen driving only once, Goku twice, and Vegeta once.
  • During the Trunks Saga, Future Trunks states that when Bulma and Yamucha broke up, he found a new girlfriend. She never appears in any Dragon Ball media, and may not actually exist
  • Yamucha has the most hairstyle changes out of any male character throughout the series.[citation needed]
  • Yamucha is the first Z Warrior seen with a full-time paying job.
  • Yamucha, in early Dragon Ball after cutting his long hair, is very similar to the Dr. Slump character Tsukutsun Tsun in appearance and characteristics.
  • In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, there is a what if story where Yamucha faces Vegeta and beats him trying to prove that he should be Bulma's lover. Future Trunks appears to stop Yamucha changing history and making Trunks not exist, but Yamucha defeats him anyway.
  • In "The Androids Appear", Android 19's scanner reads that Yamucha's address is NB: 8250012B, his height is 183 cm, his weight is 68 kg, his special ability is the Wolf Fang Fist, and that he is a Class B warrior.
  • When Dragon Ball Z rolls around, Yamucha abandons his trademark move, the Wolf Fang Fist. Gotenks briefly uses it, however, in Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return.