Tsukutsun Tsun

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Tsukutsun Tsun (摘 突詰, Tsun Tsukutsun) is a teenage boy who lives in Penguin Village and practices kung fu.


Although normally not as strong as the powerful Arale Norimaki or Gajira Norimaki, when extremely angry Tsukutsun became more powerful than both. For some reason, whenever he was touched by a girl he turned into a Tiger and could not change back unless touched by a guy. To his confusion, Arale did not trigger this transformation since she was not a real girl. He later started dating Akane Kimidori. He was briefly seen during the General Blue Saga from Dragon Ball telling Akane he was going to practice kung fu all spring break.

Voice actors


  • Yamucha bears a striking resemblance to Tsukutsun.