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Arale Norimaki (則巻 アラレ, Norimaki Arare) is an robot who Senbei Norimaki builds and adopts.

Arale Norimaki's Japanese name is a pun on the word Norimaki Arare.


Arale is known for her naïvety, energetic personality, lack of common sense, and unbelievable superhuman strength. Ironically, she is near-sighted and needs to wear glasses. Senbei's mission is to convince the other citizens of Penguin Village that Arale is no more than a typical 13-year-old girl, which they appear to believe in spite of taking notice of Arale's numerous displays of superhuman athletic capability.

Arale's resumé describes her as enjoying the hobby of poking "poop", disliking boredom, having the talent of feminine allure, and being born on the "17th of Flying Fish".

Arale, having been designed as a child, complains about not having a "big enough chest", a desire which Senbei declines to fulfill. Her disappointment in this may allude to Arale's inheritance of some of the perversion of her maker. She also tends to lift her shirt with no regard, doing so on one occasion simply to gesture as she asks Senbei if she can launch rockets from her chest.


Dr. Slump Arale-chan


Senbei creating Arale.

Arale was created in the laboratory inside Senbei Norimaki's House. When she was first brought out into the outside world in Penguin Village, she was introduced to Aoi Kimidori – manager of the Coffee Pot. Arale was given the identity of being Senbei's younger sister to hide the fact that she was an Artificial Human. The next day, Senbei and Arale met with the Headmaster and she was enrolled into Penguin Village Junior High School as a First Year student in order to fit in with the other kids. Her teacher was to be Midori Yamabuki, who became Senbei's dream girl. In class, she was sat next to Akane Kimidori, the rebellious younger sister of Aoi. Arale shocked everybody at the school on her first day with her intelligence during class and strength during P.E. At the end of the day, she followed Akane who was meeting up with Taro Soramame and his younger brother, Peasuke. Not knowing Arale's power, Taro tried to intimidate Arale by punching an aluminum can but she easily destroyed a tree in front of them by punching it. This gained their respect and Arale became their friend.

Discovering Gatchan

After Senbei finishes working on a time machine named Mr. Time, he shows it to Arale who accidently gets transported through time. After spending some time in the past she transports back to the present proving Mr. Time to be a success. Afterwards Arale goes on a journey with Senbei and Peasuke to the prehistoric ages to capture a Dinosaur. While their Peasuke's prehistoric ancestor gives them a mysterious egg in exchange for Senbei's lighter. When they return to the present the egg hatched it turned out to be a strange baby with wings instead of a dinosaur. Arale named it Gadzilla or Gatchan for short after convincing Senbei to keep it.

Rescuing Earth from the Nikos

Arale laughing while Gatchan saves Earth by eating Nikochan's Spaceship.

Arale and Gatchan were taken aboard Nikochan's Spaceship one night. While on the ship Arale met Nikochan the king to an evil alien race called the Nikos and his assistant. Arale insulted Nikochan because of his funny looks and didn't take anything he said seriously. After they destroyed Mars to try to get her attention, she was too busy messing around with Gatchan so when the Nikos were getting the laser to destroy Earth next the ship got eaten by Gatchan which saved the planet. Arale and Gatchan decided to rescue the Nikos by flying them to Earth's atmosphere to Penguin Village. Arale introduced the Nikos to Senbei where he built them a vehicle, but since Senbei didn't know they were aliens he built the Nikos a car instead of a spaceship and were stranded on Earth.

Fighting Dr. Mashirito

Arale became a target for Dr. Mashirito when he found out that she was the strongest robot around. Mashirito came to Penguin Village to fight Arale using his robot Caramel Man 001 but Arale easily beat him. Arale's second encounter with Dr. Mashirito was during the Penguin Village Grand Prix which was held by Tori-Bot. During the race Arale had no problem even with several distractions setting her back. When it came down to the last three racers which her her, Senbei and Dr. Mashirito using his Caramel Man 002, the winner was Arale but by technicality Tori-Bot declared himself the winner.

Shortly after assembling into a team with Sourman, Gatchan and Mr. Pig called the Global Defense Force, Mashirito came back with his new invention Caramel Man 003 and his new team the Mashirito Army consisting of him, King Nikochan and King Nikochan's Servant. Mashirito's new plan for handling Arale was using a Poop-bot to distract her while he would shoot her with a powerful laser while having Gatchan captured in a rubber claw to prevent him from eating the rest of the robot. While Arale was getting distracted by the poop-bot, Mr. Pig popped one of Caramel Man 003's tires causing Arale to pay attention to the fight again where she head butted the robot to free Gatchan so he can eat the Robot leaving Mashirito defeated again.

Mashirito's next conflict with Arale is when he creates his fourth Caramel Man which is known as Obotchaman. Instead of trying to destroy Arale, Obotchaman becomes good and falls in love with her.

Dragon Ball

Arale defeating Blue.

Arale makes several appearances during the General Blue Saga of the Dragon Ball manga and anime, debuting in the anime's 55th episode "Penguin Village", and making her first Dragon Ball manga appearance in "Chased to Penguin Village!", the 81st chapter of the manga. She and the Gatchan proved able to ride the Flying Nimbus, indicating that they are pure of heart.


Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure

Arale appeared in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure when she spontaneously appeared with the Gatchans and launched a boulder at Mercenary Tao, who was riding a pillar in pursuit of Goku. She later poked him with a stick after he had face planted into the ground.

Video games

Arale also appears as a playable character in several Japanese video games, among them Jump Super Stars, Jump Ultimate Stars, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo, Dr. Slump: Arale-Chan, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 and Super Dragon Ball Z


A poster of Arale in Gohan's room.

Other than her appearance during the General Blue Saga, Arale makes many minor cameos in Dragon Ball and films.

Dr. Slump

Arale in Dr. Slump.

Arale's origin was different in the Dr. Slump anime series, a remake of the Dr. Slump Arale-chan anime series. Senbei was making an attractive female maid for himself, but a lightning storm hit his house and caused his machines to malfunction and create Arale instead. Later on, she came across Son Goku while he was hunting a Crocodile in a river near Penguin Village. After having his Dragon Radar broken, Goku stayed with Arale and the rest of the Norimaki family until Senbei fixed the Dragon Radar. While Goku was in town, Arale helped him fight off Ninja Murasaki and General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army, who tried to steal the Dragon Balls.


  • Arale Kick – An ability where Arale simply ran after her opponent and did a double flying kick.[2]
  • Earth-Splitter (地球割り, Chikyuwari), an ability where Arale punched the ground beneath her, causing the planet to split in half. The Earth-Splitter was used for comic relief rather than as an offensive technique, however, she did use a weaker version to make fissures to create small openings in the ground or as a attempt to stop someone.
  • Headbutt, an ability where Arale lunged upward at her airborne opponent, headbutting the foe in the torso with very powerful force. This technique is capable of sending the average person flying for hundreds of miles.
  • Kiiin!, a technique where Arale runs at extreme speeds of up to 500 miles per hour while shouting "Kiiin", an onomatopoeic for the sound of a speeding airplane. Arale has a technique in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 called Ping! that resembles "Kiiin".
  • Transformation, a technique that Arale uses to "transform" into her "alter-ego", Ultra-Man. She demonstrates this ability by turning on a flashlight and saying, "Ultra-Man! Schwaaa!" before changing her clothes into a spandex superhero jumpsuit and then repeating "Schwaaa!"
  • Watermelon/Pumpkin Cannon, a technique that Arale uses several times as a prank on on Senbei. She loads a cannon with a pumpkin or a watermelon and fires it at her target, usually wearing a kunoichi outfit while doing so.
  • N'cha Cannon – Arale's secret weapon. The N'cha Cannon is a very powerful beam shot from the mouth. To use it, Arale takes a deep breath before yelling out her signature greeting, 'n'cha' (or another greeting, on a rare occasion) very loudly. Though this is devastating, using it repeatedly, or when low in battery power, can drain her energy supply and render her immobile.
  • Woohoo!, a technique where Arale picks up a large boulder and throws it at her opponent. This is one of her techniques in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
  • Ping!, a technique in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 where Arale jumps at an extreme speed, while shouting 'ping'. This a technique is similar to Kiiin, another ability demonstrated by Arale's manga and anime incarnations.
  • Playing Pro-Wrestling, a combination of the Arale Kick and Headbutt, followed by a beam fired by the Gatchans. This is her most powerful technique in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

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