Future Kuririn

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Future Kuririn (クリリン みらい, Kuririn Mirai; Literally meaning "Kuririn Future") is an alternate timeline counterpart of Kuririn.


Future Kuririn being killed by both Future Artificial Humans (TV Special prologue).

Future Kuririn was briefly seen in Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks and "Ghosts from Tomorrow" during a flashback. He was first seen outside Future Son Goku's House with the other Z Warriors as Future Goku died of the Heart Virus. Six months later, he was killed by Future Artificial Human No. 17 and Future Artificial Human No. 18 when they each shot an energy blast into his head. (In Trunk's flashback, Artificial Human No. 17 only kills him.) He was the last of the warriors to die, but was third according to Trunks' flashback, so the truth is debatable.

In 766 Age, Future Son Goku was stricken down by a deadly Heart Virus that had no cure. Future Kuririn, along with the other Z Warriors and company, awaited the news of Future Goku's health. Future Goku passed away, however, leaving Future Kuririn without his best friend. Six months later, on May 10, 767 Age, the Future Artificial Humans attacked and Future Kuririn was killed by them.


  • Future Kuririn is much weaker than the main timeline Kuririn because he never trains to fight against the Future Artificial Humans.
  • Future Kuririn is 31 years old at the time of his death.
  • Ironically, Future Kuririn is killed by Future No. 18, whereas in the main timeline he marries her. In the anime flashback, however, it is only Future No. 17 who kills him.
  • Future Kuririn's death differs between the anime and the TV special. In the anime, he is blown up by an energy wave from Future Artificial Humans No. 17. In the TV Special, he is shot in the face by finger beams from both Future No. 17 & Future No. 18.
  • Marron (Kuririn's daughter) does not exist in this timeline because Future No. 18 killed Future Kuririn before the events in which they later married.