750 Age

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April 6

  • Kuririn and Son Goku increase the weight of the Turtle Shells on their backs to 40 kg. in order to increase the results of their training.

April 18

May 6

May 7

May 8

  • Goku destroys the Red Ribbon Army's Muscle Tower in a single day.

May 9, 11:02 AM

May 10

May 12

  • Goku finally gets the Holy Water after three days of training. He is surprised when he finds that it is only plain tap water. It is actually the fighting to get it that makes him stronger.
  • Goku kills Tao at the base of Karin Tower.
  • Staff Officer Black kills Commander Red by shooting him in the head.
  • Goku single-handedly destroys the entire Red Ribbon Army.
  • Goku is reunited with his dead grandfather in Uranai Baba's battle arena.
  • Goku begins his training, which is to travel around Planet Earth without the use of his Kinto Un.


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