Karin Tower

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Karin Tower (カリン塔 タワー, Karin-tō Tawā; FUNimation "Korin Tower") is a tower in the Sacred Land of Karin.

Karin Tower's Japanese name is a pun on the word Karintō, or Karinto in English.


Karin Tower was built to honor a great hero (it is neither stated who the hero was nor if was Karin himself, but in anime filler it was implied that this hero could have been Olibu). The "owner", Karin, grew Senzu in Karin Tower which he gave to the Z Warriors freely (that is, when he had some in stock).

Dragon Ball

The base of Karin Tower where the teepee of Bora and Upa is set up.
The top of Karin Tower

Karin lived in Karin Tower. It was so tall that it took Son Goku an entire three days to reach the top the first time he climbed it. At the top of Karin Tower was a hole that fit Goku's Power Pole and served as a link between Karin Tower and the Heavenly Realm. It should be pointed out that it was made of a quite durable material and that the structure itself was hard to destroy. Bora and the rest of his tribe were located at the base of the tower as guardians.


Karin Tower in Cooler's Revenge.

Karin Tower appeared in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure and Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge.

Video games

Karin Tower appeared in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

People who have climbed Karin Tower

Note: Bora tried to climb Karin Tower, but was unsuccessful. Upa claimed that he would try to climb Karin Tower, but it is unknown if he was ever successful or even attempted it.

Known residents

Karin Tower top

Karin Tower base


  • Yajirobe and Karin are not affected by the release of the Black Water Mist because Karin Tower is directly under the Heavenly Realm.
  • It took Turtle Hermit three years to get the special water on the top of the tower, yet it only took Goku three days.
  • Karin Tower's address is FFA 44195 SQ.