Pirate Cave

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The Pirate Cave (海底 洞窟, Kaitei Dōkutsu) is a cave located underwater.


The Pirate Cave was once the secret base of a Pirate Gang. The entrance to the harbor was a hallway covered with holes on the walls and buttons on the floor. If anyone touched one of the buttons, arrows would be shot from the walls.

Dragon Ball

Several ancient submarines and boats could be found in the harbor, and Pirate Robot guarded the harbor. The pirate treasure rested deeper inside the cave past all of the traps and Pirate Robot.

Son Goku, Bulma Brief, and Kuririn came here in search of a Dragon Ball and were followed by General Blue and his soldiers. The cave later collapsed after the fight between Goku and Blue ended.

Video games

Pirate Cave appeared in Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu.

Pirate Cave is the eighth level in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

Former residents


One of the ancient ships resembles a WWII-era submarine. On that note, one of the guns that the pirates purportedly owned resembles the Vz. 61 "Skorpion".