Uranai Baba's Palace

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Uranai Baba's Palace (占 いババ の 宮殿, Uranai Baba no Kyūden; FUNimation "Fortuneteller Baba's Palace") is the home of Uranai Baba and the location of her fortune-telling business.


Inside of Uranai Baba's Palace

Uranai Baba's Palace was located in the margin of a big lake within a wide desert.

Son Goku, Kuririn, Yamucha, Puar, and Upa traveled to Uranai Baba's Palace to ask Baba for the location of the seventh Dragon Ball. It was in this palace that they faced Baba's five champions, Dracula Man, See-Through, Bandages, Devil Man, and Grandpa Son Gohan.

Uranai Baba's Palace had an outside Battle Arena that was used to fight Dracula Man, See-Through, and Grandpa Son Gohan. Devil's Toilet was located within the palace. This was the location where the fights against Bandages and Devil Man took place.

Video games

Uranai Baba's Palace appeared in Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu.

Uranai Baba's Palace is the eleventh level in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

Known residents


  • The address is FS 199644 CC.