Papaya Island

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Papaya Island (パパイヤ 島, Papaiya Shima; FUNimation "Papaya Island") is an island on Planet Earth.

The name of the island comes from a tropical fruit, the papaya.


Papaya Hospital

Papaya Island was the location of the Tenkaichi Tournament. Whenever the Tenkaichi Tournament Arena was damaged, it was usually done by a fighter who had Goku as their opponent: Tenshinhan damaged the stage with his Tri-Beam Cannon and Piccolo damaged it with his increased size. The Tenkaichi Tournament Arena was eventually destroyed by Piccolo's Hyper Explosive Demon Wave and was not rebuilt until sometime before the Cell Games. Although major disaster seemed to always occur during the tournaments, they were still hosted.

Papaya Island also featured Papaya Hospital. Yamucha stayed here after Tenshinhan had broken his leg.


  • Akira Toriyama based Papaya Island on the real world location of Bali.[1]