Doctor Gero's Laboratory

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Doctor Gero's Laboratory (ドクター ゲロ の 研究所, Dokutā Gero no Kenkyūjo; FUNimation "Dr. Gero's Lab") is located in the Northern Mountains.


Doctor Gero took refuge here after the Red Ribbon Army was defeated. He conducted all of his research on Son Goku, which led to his creation of the Artificial Humans in the hopes of avenging himself and the Red Ribbon Army.

The entrance had a heavy steel double door which was very high in resilience. Inside, the Shut Down Remote that disabled the Artificial Humans in case of a rebellion was placed next to the door. The pods which contained Artificial Human No. 17, Artificial Human No. 18, and Artificial Human No. 19 were lined up against the wall, while Artificial Human No. 16's pod laid in the middle of the floor.

The lab also contained a basement where a super computer had been placed, it being the actual thing responsible in finishing the creation of Cell, Artificial Human No. 13, Artificial Human No. 14, and Artificial Human No. 15.

In the main timeline, the lab was destroyed by Future Trunks Brief in his attempt to prevent No. 17 and No. 18 from activating No. 16, but to no avail. The basement was later destroyed by Future Trunks and Kuririn to prevent Cell's completion.

In the alternate timeline, Future Artificial Human No. 17 and Future Artificial Human No. 18 destroyed most of the lab and sealed it off after they had killed Future Doctor Gero, but they left Future Cell unharmed. This allowed Future Cell to continue to be developed.


Video games[edit]

Doctor Gero's Laboratory appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II.


It is named Dokutā Gero Himitsu Kenkyūjo (ドクター ゲロ 秘密 研究所, Dokutā Gero Himitsu Kenkyūjo) in Miracle Battle Carddass Dragon Ball Kai.


  • The password to gain access to Doctor Gero's Laboratory is '5201'.
  • In the anime, No. 17 kills Doctor Gero while the Z Warriors are watching the scene, and soon afterwards Cell's creation is completed. In Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, however, nobody except No. 18 is seen watching the scene of Doctor Gero's death, and soon afterwards No. 13, No. 14, and No. 15 are completed.