Aru Village

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Aru Village (FUNimation "Aru Village") is a small, rural village on Planet Earth.


Dragon Ball

Aru Village was where Son Goku and Bulma Brief first met Oolong. Oolong terrorized Aru Village and took young girls to work in his mansion just outside Aru Village. The villagers asked Goku to stop Oolong in exchange for the Six-Star Ball. After they captured Oolong, he asked all of the parents to take their girls back because they were driving him crazy. Bulma later made him join the search for the rest of the Dragon Balls.

The villagers had a diversity in clothing as people dressed as cowboys and Native Americans alike.

Video games

Aru Village is the second level in Dragon Power. You must go through houses punching objects that either end up being Oolong or a mad maid who chases you out of the house. You end the level by getting the key and going into Oolong's Lair at the end of the village.

Aru Village is the second level in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

Notable residents