Mutaito Training Academy

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The Mutaito Training Academy (武泰斗 道場, Mutaito Dōjō) is a martial arts school that Mutaito runs.


Dragon Ball[edit]

The main members of the school were Crane Hermit and Turtle Hermit. Mutaito taught his students the basis of all ki-based techniques. This knowledge was later used by Turtle Hermit to develop the technique that would become the signature ki-based technique for himself and Goku (and many others), the Kamehameha.

In the anime filler episode "The Time Room", Goku traveled to the past via the Pendulum Room to a period before Mutaito's battle against Piccolo Daimao (back when he was teaching a younger Crane Hermit and Turtle Hermit in the way of the martial artist) and trained in Mutaito's Training Academy.

Later, Piccolo Daimao's Demon Clan attacked the dojo of Mutaito. Though the skilled and powerful martial artists were able to fight and kill a few of Piccolo Daimao's minions, this battle came with a hefty price. Only Crane Hermit and Turtle Hermit survived the battle, and they narrowly managed to destroy the remaining minions. Mutaito himself died when he used the Mafuba to trap Piccolo Daimao inside an Electric Rice Cooker.

Following this, Crane Hermit created the Crane School and trained his young brother, Tao Pai Pai, while Turtle Hermit created the Turtle School with his first students being Grandpa Son Gohan and Gyumao.


Mutaito Training Academy's symbol

The symbol of Mutaito's Training Academy (武) is pronounced mu in Chinese and means "martial arts" or "martial artist". This symbol is worn by those trained under Master Mutaito. It is also the logo for the Tenkaichi Tournament.

The school color is purple, but Mutaito wears white. As teens, Shen is allowed to wear green and Roshi is allowed to wear blue. They both take to wearing the traditional gi later as adults.