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Crane Hermit and his top two students, Tenshinhan and Chaozu.

Crane School is a martial arts school founded and taught by Crane Hermit and Tao Pai Pai. The two best students of the Crane School are Tenshinhan and Chaozu.


The Crane School school was a rival to Turtle Hermit's Turtle School. Its specialties were the Bukujutsu and the Dodon Ray.

Dragon Ball Online

Several students of the Crane School training.

Tenshinhan created the New Crane School in Dragon Ball Online. The school was based on the use of enormous amounts of ki to damage the enemy instead of support as the New Turtle School. The New Crane School taught the two most powerful attacks of the game, the Kikoho and the Jibaku, which used LP instead of EP – 212 LP and 500 LP, respectively. This made Crane Hermit Spiritualists the greatest DPS, but also one of the most kamikaze class and healer dependent.


The symbol of the Crane School translated out to the word tsuru, or crane in English. Although Crane Hermit had more students, we only see this symbol worn by Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Crane Hermit himself. The school colors were green and yellow.