Muscle Tower

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Muscle Tower (マッスル タワー, Massuru Tawā; FUNimation "Muscle Tower") is an outpost of the Red Ribbon Army.


Dragon Ball

The ruins of Muscle Tower

Muscle Tower was located near Jingle Village and had been set up to find the Two-Star Ball. The highest ranking Red Ribbon Army member in the tower was General White. The Jingle Village Mayor was taken and held prisoner here. It was destroyed by Artificial Human No. 8 when he repeatedly punched out a section of the base and toppled it over.


Muscle Tower in The Path to Power.

Muscle Tower appears in Dragon Ball: The Path to Power.

Video games

Muscle Tower is the sixth level in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.


Muscle Tower had 6 floors and a basement.


Muscle Tower was shown to have a basement in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but it was never explored in the anime.

Level 1

This level was never shown because Goku directly entered the second level via a door after he used his Power Pole to jump to it. The closest ever seen of it was in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 where the tower could be destroyed from the top to the bottom. It was full of snowmobiles and tools in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

Level 2

The second level of Muscle Tower was protected by four unnamed low ranking soldiers. Goku had no trouble defeating them.

Level 3

The third level of the tower contained Sergeant Metallic's Room. Goku experienced difficulty fighting against Sergeant Metallic as he was extremely durable, continuing to fight even when his head had been blasted off. His batteries, however, eventually ran out and Goku moved on to the next floor.

Level 4

Master Sergeant Murasaki and No. 8 resided on this floor. Murasaki had created a garden of sorts with a small room. This was also the place where he took pictures of General White's Sisters. He used cheap tricks when he fought against Goku, such as throwing smoke bombs and calling on his brothers to help him in his fight, although he pretended it was a magic trick. Eventually, No. 8 was released from his cage, but he did not want to harm Goku.

Level 4½

This level was actually between the 4th level and 5th level. It was a maze which was impossible to solve due to a moving wall unless someone was faster than the shifting of the wall. Goku and No. 8 solved the puzzle by going on both sides of the moving wall so that White could not block them both. Here, Goku also fought against some soldiers.

Level 5

According to No. 8, the fifth level did not have an entrance. When Goku and No. 8 reached the 6th level, however, White opened a section of the floor and Goku and No. 8 fell down into level 5. This level was the residence of Buyon. This floor was full of the skeletons of Buyon's victims, signifying he was dangerous.

Level 6

This level was the top level of Muscle Tower. It contained General White's Control Room where he kept a check on the lower levels. It was also where the Jingle Village Mayor was held.


  • Muscle Tower is a reference to the original and incomplete version of the Bruce Lee film "Game of Death" as each floor has a different opponent to defeat on it.