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"Cruel General Red"

English titleCruel General Red
Japanese title非情のレッドリボン
Rōmaji titleHijou Reddo Ribon
Literal titleThe Heartless Red Ribbon
Dragon Ball
SagaRed Ribbon Army Saga
Episode number (position in saga)34 (6)
Corresponding manga
55, 56
Japanese airdateOctober 15, 1986
English airdateFebruary 18, 2002
Previous episodeThe Legend of a Dragon
Next episodeCold Reception

Cruel General Red (非情のレッドリボン,"Hijou Reddo Ribon", lit. "The Heartless Red Ribbon") is the thirty-fourth episode of Dragon Ball and the sixth episode of the Red Ribbon Army Saga.


[edit] Summary

This episode starts with Goku messing around with a lot of monkeys. But after a while Goku leaves to continue searching for the Dragon Ball. However a storm starts and both Goku and Colonel Silver's goons stop searching.

Inside Colonel Silver's cabin, he and Staff Officer Black are talking through transmitters. Colonel Silver says that with the river over-flowing, the Dragon Ball could wash up on shore, and that he'll continue in the morning. In the morning the search resumes, however two guys are snoozing and rudely awakened by Colonel Silver's gun.

They talk about how pointless the search is when Goku comes and finds the Dragon Ball in less then a minute. They try to steal it only to be easily beaten by Goku. Then Colonel Silver comes and blows up the Flying Nimbus with his bazooka. Goku gets mad and beats him up when he's down. He then takes some capsules and finds a robot and a plane. Goku has the robot pilot the plane to the Arctic.

Meanwhile, at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters Commander Red recieves news of Colonel Silver's loss. He has Silver brought before him. Colonel Silver asks for a second chance, but Commander Red says there is no second chance in the army. Then Staff Officer Black says that Goku is moving into General White's territory, and radios General White to warn him.

Meanwhile the robot crashes and Goku freezes. Then a mysterious girl drags him home, only a few minutes before General White's men arrive.

[edit] Battles

Goku vs. Red Ribbon Soldiers. Victor:Goku

Goku vs. Colonel Silver. Victor:Goku

[edit] Cast

Character Name FUNimation Original Japanese
Goku Stephanie Nadolny Masako Nozawa
Master Roshi Mike McFarland Kouhei Miyauchi
Krillin Lori Steele Mayumi Tanaka
Launch Unknown Sumi Shimamoto
Narrator Brice Armstrong Joji Yanami

[edit] Trivia

  • There is a flaw in the title since Commander Red is not a General, but the leader of the Red Ribbon Army. The reason for this error is likely due to the rank of "General" being the highest actual rank as opposed to "Commander," which is a more unique rank but not as familiarized in popular culture.
  • There is a plot hole at the beginning of the episode; a monkey grabs Goku's tail but it doesn't seem to bother Goku when in other episodes this would severly weaken Goku to the point where he can't stand. This may be explained that the monkey didn't grab his tail hard enough.

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Brief summaryColonel Silver's troops scour land, sea, a Colonel Silver's troops scour land, sea, and air in search of the elusive Dragon Ball, but what they find is Goku! With the help of his Dragon Radar, Goku pinpoints the location of the ball and plucks it from under the noses of the Red Ribbon Army. Unfortunately, Goku's escape attempt brings him face to face with the great, Colonel Silver! ce to face with the great, Colonel Silver!