DB Episode 33

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Son Goku woke up and began to look for the Dragon Balls again. He flew over a forest and became hungry, therefore he decided to look for a "snack tree". He finds a piece of fruit, but a monkey takes it before he can. He chases the monkey, but stops when she sees her give it to her baby. The baby monkey falls out of the tree, and when the mommy monkey is helping it, a panther attacks, but Goku beats it up. Then all the monkeys come and give Goku food. He eats too much, and falls asleep. While he's asleep, the monkeys find the Five-Star Dragon Ball up in a tree and start playing catch with it.

Meanwhile, Krillin is training with Master Roshi, doing push-ups with 2 turtles and the Turtle Hermit sitting on his back. Later when they're eating Master Roshi tells Krillin and Launch the legend of the Dragon Balls. It used to be a single giant orb, which was put in a magnificent sculpture of a Dragon. Some men tried to steal it, but were shocked. It was then decided that it would be safer if it were split into 7 separate orbs, to prevent evil from using it. After the story, they talk about what they would wish for.

Goku wakes up, and sees on the Dragon Radar that the Dragon Ball is moving away. Meanwhile, the Red Ribbon Army is looking for the same ball. They discover that the monkeys have it, and are ordered by Colonel Silver to burn the forest and shoot the monkeys. This gets Goku mad, and he attacks them, crushing a tank with a giant rock. Colonel Silver threatens Goku, but he stands firm, saying he isn't afraid of him. Just then, Mommy monkey and baby monkey swing by, and baby monkey is holding the Dragon Ball. Colonel Silver shoots and blows away the branch mommy monkey was about to grab onto. Goku catches her and baby monkey by the tail before they fall into the gorge, but the Dragon Ball is dropped into the river, and is now floating downstream.


  • Red Ribbon Soldiers vs. Monkeys. Victor:Draw
  • Goku vs. Red Ribbon Soldiers. Victor:Goku


Character Name

FUNimation dub

Japanese dub
Son Goku Stephanie Nadolny Masako Nozawa
Turtle Hermit Mike McFarland Kōhei Miyauchi
Krillin Laurie Steele Mayumi Tanaka
Lunch ?? Sumi Shimamoto
Narrator Brice Armstrong Joji Yanami


  • This episode is filler.
  • A plothole exists when Master Roshi explains the origin of the Dragon Balls, and how they used to be one giant idol of a dragon. This conflicts with the rest of the manga and anime, where Kami created the Dragon Balls. However, this is only given as a tale that Roshi had heard, which probably was a legend with no real basis.

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