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Android 8 has many chains around him, but he breaks them. Ninja Murasaki orders Android 8 to attack Goku, but Android 8 refuses because a fault in his programming causes him to hates violence. Android 8 also thinks what the Red Ribbon Army is doing is wrong.

Then Ninja Murasaki pulls out a remote saying he will blow him up with it if he doesn't obey his orders. Android 8 still refuses, and just before Ninja Murasaki pushes the remote button, Goku jumps up, flips and hits the controller out of his hand with the Power Pole and smashes it, then hits Ninja Murasaki into a wall. Android 8 and Goku talk for a while then Android 8 reminds him that he was going to save the chief of the town.

Meanwhile, General White is extremely angry, and calls all his units to get ready for combat orders. A large group of soldiers then swarms over the area..

Meanwhile, Goku is stuck in a maze room. He keeps wandering around until he ends up back where he started. It is then realized that Genral White can move the walls of the maze.

Android 8 shows up saying he knows the way out. Goku follows him when suddenly Android 8 stops and says many soldiers are coming. Suddenly they all rush out. Goku jumps and pushes one soldier who creates a dominoe effect with several other soldiers, eventually knocking them into a wall. After dodging some bullets, Goku punches another soldier down. Android 8 also accidentally attacks several soldiers.

After the fight they continue through the maze, when Android 8 figures out that General White is moving the walls. They use what they know to trick White and get around his little wall trick. They head up to the 6th floor where General White is located. After some talking General White pushes a button which opens a trapdoor in the floor. Android 8 and Goku then fall into a pit with the episode ending.


  • Goku vs. Ninja Murasaki. Victor: Goku
  • Goku vs. Red Ribbon Soldiers. Victor: Goku


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"Proving to be no match for Goku's skills on his own, Murasaki makes a desperate call for reinforcements. He summons the Red Ribbon Army's secret weapon, the monstrous Android Number 8! Though, there seems to be a flaw in the android's design, he hates violence! Number 8 defies his creators by teaming up with Goku. Together, they must work to survive General White's impossible tower maze." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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