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Son Goku continues chasing Pilaf. Back at the shop, Colonel Silver finds out that the Dragon Ball is going away. Emperor Pilaf also finds out that the Dragon Ball is going away. Yet he has one obstacle: Goku. Emperor Pilaf opens the window for him but falls out. Goku saves him, therefore Mai and Shuu repair the Dragon Ball.

(Goku does not know it is a fake). Goku drops it and it breaks.

Meanwhile, Son Chichi starts to miss Goku. She and the Ox-King talk to an old lady who says that he is coming. Silver finds the bird but a pterodactyl eats it. The Ox-King throws a rock at it for the wedding (Goku and Chi-Chi). Emperor Pilaf comes but every one thinks Goku is coming. Shu poses as Goku. Goku finds Chi-Chi picking flowers and they both have fun. The Red Ribbon Army comes and destroys the Ox-King's palace.

While everyone runs, Emperor Pilaf takes the Dragon Ball out of the pterdactyl's body. The Red Ribbon Army finds Emperor Pilaf and shoots him but he escapes in his ship. Goku and Chi-Chi see the smoke and head toward the village.


  • Bird vs. Pterodactyl (Victor: Pterodactyl)
  • Gyumao vs. Pterodactyl (Victor: Ox-King)
  • Red Ribbon Army vs. Gyumao (Victor: Red Ribbon Army)
  • Pilaf vs. Red Ribbon Army (Victor: Draw)

Voice cast[edit]

Character name Japanese dub FUNimation dub
Son Goku Masako Nozawa Stephanie Nadolny
Turtle Hermit Kōhei Miyauchi Mike McFarland
Kuririn Mayumi Tanaka Laurie Steele
Lunch Sumi Shimamoto ??
Narrator Joji Yanami Brice Armstrong


"There's an impostor in the Ox-King's village, and he works for Emperor Pilaf! Pilaf is back to his sneaky tricks to get his hands on a Dragon Ball, but he isn't the only one who's looking! The Red Ribbon Army is also on the hunt, and they'll destroy everything in their path to get what they want, even Goku's. wedding!" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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