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Five Murasakis is the thirty-eighth episode of and the thirty-eighth episode of the [[]]. The episode first aired on November 12, 1986. Its American airdate is February 22, 2002.


To start, General White and Ninja Murasaki are pretty excited thinking Goku's finally dead, when gets gets up screaming OW! Ninja Murasaki is extremely shocked, and runs away when Goku attacks. Then Ninja Murasaki attacks Goku with stars as he's running away, but they all hit a tree Goku ran behind. Goku takes the stars, and runs into the house Ninja Murasaki ran into. Goku throws the stars at Ninja Murasaki, but Ninja Murasaki pulls out a wooden mat, and blocks them all. Thinking Goku is out of stars Ninja Murasaki begins to taunt Goku, when Goku pulls out another star, and hits Ninja Murasaki right in the head.

Then they show a clip of the chief of the town getting fed in his prison cell. The chief hears the fight downstairs, questions what is going on. The soldier feeding him tells him that it's nothing, as a little boy is wandering around the base, chuckling sadistically that the boy was probably going to rescue the chief, but he'll end up in a million pieces anyways. The chief is extremely furious upon hearing this, as trying to kill a little boy is even more barbaric than torturing an old man, and questions what he would do if that was his own kid. The soldier coldly tells him that if it were his son, he wouldn't even allow him in the base in the first place, and questions if there are any men at his village in response to his temper.

Then it goes back to Goku and Ninja Murasaki. Ninja Murasaki is running away from Goku. When he pulls out a capsule and special shoes come out. Ninja Murasaki uses them to glide across the pond that was nearby. He tells Goku he'll never catch him now because the pond is filled with piranahas. Then Goku takes a couple steps back and easily jumps over the pond!

A shocked Ninja Murasaki tells him he shall feel his wrath and he whistles. Suddenly all turns dark, and a pink forms around Ninja Murasaki. Suddenly out pop four more Ninja Murasakis! Now there's five Ninja Murasakis. One of the Ninja Murasaki's slahes at Goku with his sword. Goku barely dodges it. Goku gets ready to fight him when one Ninja Murasaki shoots at him with a gun. Once again Goku barely dodges. Then all 5 of them attack Goku, with swords, guns, and blowguns.

Next they show Suno's father arriving home. Apparently he is searching for one of the Dragon Balls. When he hears the story of everything going on he can't believe a "mere boy" was taking on Muscle Tower.

Next they show Goku dodging more bullets, and knives, and sword slashes. When one Ninja Murasaki throws a chain around Goku's powerpole, Goku though pulls the guy into a tree. After dodging more bullets Goku hides in a tree but is soon spotted. Then some talking goes on, and Goku finds out that all the Ninja Murasakis are actually brothers. All of them at once attack Goku with their weapons. Goku draws his powerpole, and uses his double image to take out 3 of them. Then while the other 2 are talking he uses his power pole to take out a 4th.


  • Goku vs. Ninja Murasaki. Victor: Continued
  • Goku vs. Murasaki Brothers. Victor: Goku


Overturn Mat Trick: Ninja Murasaki


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