Master Sergeant Murasaki

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"You have only seen what I have allowed. But now you shall see nothing. I am invisible. Yes. Feel my power. I am as transparent as cellophane. Tremble. For I am as the warm wind blows. Silent, but deadly."
Master Sergeant Murasaki in "Ninja Murasaki is Coming!"

Master Sergeant Murasaki (ムラサキ 曹長, Murasaki Sōchō; FUNimation "Ninja Murasaki", Viz "Sergeant Major Purple") is a member of of the Red Ribbon Army.

Master Sergeant Murasaki's Japanese name is a pun on the word Murasaki, or Purple in English.


Dragon Ball

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Murasaki taunting Goku from across a pond filled with Piranhas.
Murasaki attacking Goku.

Even though he was smart, Murasaki lost to Goku after a long, drawn out, somewhat farcical fight. Murasaki was portrayed as a pervert; it iswasrevealed that a picture dropped was actually White's sisters whom he was supposed to be "showing the base" but ended in half nude escapades. He also possessed a collection of voyeur catalogs Goku stumbled upon hidden in his hut. He used several ninja tricks to which Goku countered in his own weird way. At first, he tried to throw kunai knives at him, but Goku saw where he threw him and shot a rock back at Murasaki. Murasaki then vanished when he threw his smoke bomb on the ground and hid behind an American flag. Goku found him there. Murasaki got mad and turned the sheet around, making it look like a tree trunk because he was hiding next to a tree.

Murasaki then told him to count to 30, but Goku could not count past 25. Goku asked for help, and turned around. Murasaki was trying to hide under a hollowed rock, and told Goku how to count again. Goku counted to 30 and saw Murasaki underwater with a blow reed so he could breathe. The plan might have worked had a frog not landed on his face, causing him to have breathing trouble and start screaming underwater just as Goku came across the pond he was in. Goku went and got some hot tea, and poured it down the reed, burning Murasaki's mouth. Murasaki then broke into a run and Goku raced after him, keeping no trouble at all so Murasaki threw makibishi (caltrops) down and Goku slowed down. But Goku put on some geta that increased his height a bit, and he couldn't feel the spikes. Goku then chased after Ninja Murasaki with no problem. All this time, White was watching and getting irritated. Now, Ninja Murasaki got serious, so he drew his sword. He then leaped into the air and took a dive after Goku. Goku put his Nyoibo under him, and stuck it in Murasaki's butt before breaking the ninja's sword. Murasaki threw the blade at Goku, which he dodged. However, it acted as a boomerang and hit Goku in the back of his head, knocking him out momentarily before he recovered (to Murasaki's amazement). Murasaki threw shuriken (which Goku dodges), and ran into a small hut. Murasaki then crouched to the ground, which had tatami flip mats. When Goku threw the shuriken at Ninja Murasaki, Ninja Murasaki would pick up a mat and block them. However, Murasaki ran out of mats (he only brought 4 1/2), and Goku did not run out of ammo (he had 6). He threw his last star, and because Murasaki couldn't think to reuse one of the other mats, it hit him in the center of the forehead. Murasaki then fled to the lake, with Goku chasing after him, put another smoke bomb down, put on some mizugumo, skated over a piranha-infested pond, and mocks Goku that he can't get across. Goku then jumped straight over the lake. Murasaki then got angry and then decided to send out five Murasaki's. Murasaki, having lost his sword, uses throwing weapons. His four dopplegangers use a sword, a handgun, a fukiya (blowdart gun), and a kusarigama with a heavy weight on the end of the chain.

Even when he "split" into 5 Murasakis (the Murasakis were just 5 identical brothers, with Murasaki as the oldest), Goku was still able to defeat him (knocking out his brothers in the process). After the fight, he tries to unleash Artificial Human No. 8 upon Goku. He ordered the cybernetic behemoth to attack and promises to destroy him if he doesn't. After Murasaki held the detonation remote and threatened him, No. 8 refused and Goku broke his detonation remote. Goku proceeded to knock out Murasaki by slamming him across the long stairwell. Murasaki's body slams on the ground after colliding with a wall, leaving him unconscious.

After White was taken down, Murasaki was the only one to survive the fall of Muscle Tower. He eventually went after Dr. Flappe and No. 8 by following Goku, Suno, and No. 8 to his house disguised as a Bear. Along the way, he fell into a frozen pond and almost drowned. Later on, he had to use the tree trunk trick to hide, only for Goku to pee on him when the suit fell off at one point. He forced Flappe to steal Goku's Dragon Balls and rode away on a snowmobile. Goku followed him, however, and took back what was actually his dinner from the ninja by causing an avalanche with a Kamehameha. He survived the avalanche and swore revenge, but was killed offscreen when Goku unintentionally tossed No. 8's bomb onto Murasaki's cheek in the anime and it exploded in his face before he could get it off, sending blood flying into the sky.

Dr. Slump

Murasaki recruiting the Nikos in an episode of Dr. Slump.

Murasaki appeared in a couple of episodes of Dr. Slump. When Goku arrived at Penguin Village with all of the Dragon Balls in his knapsack, except one that Arale Norimaki had found, Murasaki attempted to get them all from Goku along with the help of his 4 brothers, King Nikochan, and King Nikochan's Servant. He was defeated by Arale and Goku working together. He later teamed up with Blue, and together they manage to summon Shen Long. They ended up fighting over the wish, however, and it ultimately caused them both to fail in getting the wish.


Murasaki in Dragon Ball: Ssawora Son Goku, Igyeora Son Goku.

Murasaki makes his only live action appearance in the Korean film Dragon Ball: Ssawora Son Goku, Igyeora Son Goku. In the film, he is a member of the Pilaf Gang and is sent to attack the Dragon Ball Gang and retrieve the Dragon Balls. In a cave, he fights against Goku and is killed by the Kamehameha. For unknown reasons, he is wearing the Saiyan Armor that is worn by members of Freeza's Force.

Video games

Murasaki in Revenge of King Piccolo.

Murasaki appeared in Dragon Ball: Doragon Daihikyō and Dragon Ball Z: Sūpā Gokū Den: Totsugeki Hen.

Murasaki is one of the bosses in the Muscle Tower stage and a playable character in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

Murasaki is a boss character in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo and made his first playable appearance in a multiplayer fighting mode.

Murasaki is a boss with his brothers in Dragon Ball: Origins 2. In this video game, he also appeared after General White's defeat in the bonus level 2-7, where he played bad jokes to the population of Jingle Village, such as throwing snowballs at them, putting snow in door locks to make them freeze, and even stealing four tatami and a half because his were worn. To stop him, Android 8 confronted Murasaki in the Muscle Tower.

Ninjas who looked similar to Murasaki were enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.


  • Amenbo no Jutsu – Murasaki walked on the surface of water by wearing round floating boards under his feet.
  • Clone Jutsu – Murasaki uses Clone Jutsu (分身 の 術, Bunshin no Jutsu; Alter Ego's Arts) and says, "Copy Technique!" and his brothers appear to aid him in battle. Murasaki says, "Separate" in the anime.
  • Kakure Mi no Jutsu – Murasaki used Kakure Mi no Jutsu (隠れ 身 の 術, Kakure Mi no Jutsu; Literally meaning "Hidden Body's Arts") to hide in the enviroment, such as a painted cloth or under an artificial rock. Also used in Dragon Ball: Origins 2.
  • Metal Boomerang – A dark boomerang he used against Goku. Also used in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure and Dragon Ball: Origins 2.
  • Ninja Fire – Murasaki said, "I'll burn you!" and flames erupted from his sword to kill his opponent. Only used in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.
  • Ninja Speed – Murasaki could run incredibly fast and could jump very high.
  • Ninja Star – Murasaki threw ninja stars to slow down his opponent or injure them.
  • Ninja Water – Murasaki said, "Water!" and a stream of water erupted from the ground towards his opponent and then he froze it. Only used in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.
  • Sword Slash – Murasaki held his Sasanishiki sword in hand and slashed his opponent three times. His weak spot was opened at the last slash, therefore it was a vulnerable technique.
  • Suiton no Jutsu – Murasaki disappeared by hiding in water. He breathed by sticking a small bamboo pipe out of the water's surface. Goku broke through this technique in their battle on the fourth floor of Muscle Tower by pouring boiling water into the bamboo pipe sticking out of the lake.
  • Tatami Gaeshi – Murasaki used the Tatami Gaeshi (畳 返し, Tatami Gaeshi; Literally meaning "Mat Return") to shield himself.

Voice actors

  • Japanese dub: Takeshi Aono
  • FUNimation dub: Duncan Brannan
  • Dr. Slump remake: Nobuo Tobita
  • German dub: Joerg Hengstler (New Dr. Slump)


  • In a special issue of V Jump, Murasaki's brothers are credited as Kon, Cha, Aka (not to be confused with Aka), and Nao. These names, however, appear neither in the manga nor the anime.
  • A continuity error is Murasaki's Sword being broken by Goku's Power Pole, yet in later scenes he has it again (namely those where he threatens Professor Frappe). He could have taken a sword, however, from one of his brothers.
  • Murasaki is the only character canon to the manga to be killed off in filler. Being that it occurred in filler, however, it is unknown if it is canon (he is not seen in either Fusion Reborn or DBGT, leading some fans to speculate he did not die). According to a special issue of V Jump, however, he resides in the world of the dead, therefore he is confirmed deceased.
  • Murasaki is the only member of the Red Ribbon Army to appear in a live action adaption, although he is not a member of the Red Ribbon Army in the film's continuity.