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Cha (チャ, Cha) is one of Murasaki's Brothers.

Cha (according to a special issue of V Jump) was the 3rd oldest of the brothers. He was defeated by Goku, as were the rest of his brothers. He wielded a pistol.Cha's name is a pun on the word Cha, or Brown in English.


Murasaki's Brothers were part of a quintuplet ninja group who tried to stop Son Goku from reaching the top of Muscle Tower. They each wielded a different weapon. At first, it seemed that Murasaki 1 could split into five people. In reality, the other four were his identical brothers. They distracted Goku while Murasaki 1 escaped. Goku managed to defeat all of them with punches, kicks, and the last one with a Power Pole whack to the head.