King Nikochan's UFO

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King Nikochan's UFO (ニコチャン 大王 の ユーフォー, Nikochan Daiō no Yūfō) is a spaceship that King Nikochan and his servant use.


Dr. Slump[edit]

Nikochan's UFO had a special laser that could destroy an entire planet. The original spaceship was eaten by Gajira Norimaki after Nikochan attempted to destroy Earth. Nikochan later had a second spaceship when he returned to Planet Niko.

Dragon Ball[edit]

The second spaceship made a minor cameo in "No Balls!". It also was later shown being shot down by the Penguin Village Police Force, specifically Charmy Yamada's bazooka, when it was mistaken as being part of the Red Ribbon Army.