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Buyon (ブヨン, Buyon; Viz "Jiggler") is a member of the Red Ribbon Army.


Buyon is a giant, round-bellied, pink monster. He bears some resemblance to Dodoria, Fat Boo, King Gurumes, and Misokatsun.


Dragon Ball

Buyon was the hideous, blubbery, pink tenant of Muscle Tower's fifth floor – only accessible via a trapdoor on the sixth floor. Initially, Buyon appeared to be a seemingly indestructible threat to Son Goku and Artificial Human No. 8 as every technique Goku used against him, from a Kamehameha to his belly to a kick to his face, was bounced back effortlessly by his lard. The monster could also cast electrical blasts from his antennae. (In Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo, Buyon also could attack using his long tongue). Buyon apparently fed on cattle supplied by his keepers. He came close to devouring Goku and No. 8 during their encounter. Through a long and tiring process, Goku eventually realized that Buyon was susceptible to the cold. After Goku knocked a small hole into a wall and let in the freezing air, Buyon froze solid. Goku then struck the monster with a hard enough punch to shatter him into pieces.

Video games

Buyon appears in Dragon Ball Z: Sūpā Gokū Den: Totsugeki Hen.

Buyon is a boss character in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure and Revenge of King Piccolo.


  • Antenna Beam
  • Kōgeki Hanekaeshi – Kōgeki Hanekaeshi (攻撃 跳ね返し, Kōgeki Hanekaeshi) is a technique that he is capable of due to the flabby, rubbery skin that covers his entire body, which deflects all attacks. Goku has a tough battle on the fifth floor of Muscle Tower when even the Kamehameha proves ineffective.
  • Nobiru Shita – The Nobiru Shita (伸びる 舌, Nobiru Shita) is a technique where he stretches his tongue and wreathes it around his opponent.

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  • Buyon is the first enemy to take a direct hit from the Kamehameha without suffering any damage.