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TPP-EX is a robot crafted by Crane Hermit to extract revenge upon Tienshinhan and Chaozu for "disgracing" the Crane school.


TPP-EX appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. He was used by Crane Hermit to take revenge upon Tenshinhan and Chaozu. He was designed to have the head of Tao Pai Pai and the body of the Pirate Robot (with a color swap to resemble the Skull Robot, another recurring enemy in the game).

After Crane Hermit had kidnapped Chaozu, Tenshinhan and the others got worried and looked for him. They asked Uranai Baba where he was, to which she replied that he was in Mutaito's Training Grounds. Tenshinhan, Yamucha, and Kuririn soon made their way to the area and encountered Crane Hermit in a cave at the top of the mountain. He explained how he was angry at Tenshinhan because he had humiliated him and his brother, Tao Pai Pai. He then unleashed his robot weapon, TPP-EX. TPP-EX was quickly disposed of by the group. Tenshinhan then threatened Crane Hermit, who promptly left never to be seen again (except in flashbacks).


Additional Stats[edit]

  • Has 14000HP.
  • Drops:
    • 17400EXP
    • 900AP
    • 1800Z