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Pirate Robot (番人 ロボット, Ban'nin Robotto; FUNimation "Pirate Robot"; Literally meaning "Guard Robot") is a robot.


Pirate Robot was a powerful robot created by the Pirate Gang to guard their treasure.

Dragon Ball

Pirate Robot 1.png

Pirate Robot appeared in "The Trap is Sprung". When Bulma Brief, Kuririn, and Son Goku arrived at the Pirate Cave looking for the treasure and a Dragon Ball, Pirate Robot attacked them. Pirate Robot appeared to only be able to say three phrases: "Argh, maytes", "Yo ho ho", and "Shiver me timbers". (He does not have any phrases in the Japanese dub.)

Pirate Robot was by far the most powerful villain up to that point in the series as he easily took dozens of punches from Goku and Kuririn. Unlike Sergeant Metallic, he did not take any large damage. At one point, he was hit by a cannon and involved in an explosive truck, but kept all of his body parts. He was armed with a machine gun and a sword, which Kuririn later destroyed, and could use his feet to skid across water. Pirate Robot could also wrap his tail around someone and send a surge of electricity through it, thus shocking the foe. Pirate Robot was eventually destroyed by Goku when he punched through his head and destroyed the power core.

Video games

Pirate Robot appeared in Dragon Ball 3: Gokū Den.

Pirate Robot appeared as an enemy character and boss character in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

Pirate Robot appeared as a playable character and boss character in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, .

Destroyers resembled Pirate Robot in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, however, they lacked a sword and their machine gun was replaced by a flamethrower. The Destroyers had three different variations, the Red Destroyer (the weakest of the 3), the Green Destroyer (second strongest of the 3), and the Gold Destroyer (strongest of the 3). Like all enemies, the Destroyer could be scanned with the Scouter. The in-game description reads:

"This giant robot bears the insignia of the Red Ribbon Army. Scanning indicates that this robot was designed for military purposes. The thick Geromatium armor on this robot makes it invulnerable to most conventional attack."


Pirate Robot using the Denryū.
  • Denryū – Pirate Robot uses the Denryū (電流, Denryū) with his tail.


Pirate Robot attacking with his Flamethrower.
Pirate Robot attacking with his Machine Gun.
Pirate Robot attacking with his sword.