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Hoi Poi Capsules (ホイ ポイ カプセル, Hoi Poi Kapuseru), Hoi-Poi Capsules, Dyna-Caps, Dyna Caps, DynaCaps, DynoCaps, Dyno-Caps, Dyno Caps, Hoi Poi, Hoi-Poi, HoiPoi, or simply Capsules were created by Dr. Brief of the Capsule Corporation for the purpose of making objects compact and easy to transport.

Concept and creation

Early concept of the Hoi Poi Capsules shown in the one-shot "The Adventures of Tongpoo".

The concept of the Hoi Poi Capsules was first shown in Akira Toriyama's one-shot The Adventure of Tongpoo, a precursor to the Dragon Ball manga. The Hoi Poi Capsule in The Adventure of Tongpoo worked differently, as they were small pill-like objects that had to be boiled in water to activate.


Bulma showing Goku some Hoi Poi Capsules.
Hoi Poi Capsules

Throughout Dragon Ball, numerous objects – airskis, hovercars, homes, and organic corpses and house plants – have been seen contained in Capsules. The only things that have never been shown in Capsules are living sapient organisms.

This single apparent limitation is explored in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II where an optional side-quest has Gohan tracking down a spy in Capsule Corporation who was trying to find the formula that Dr. Brief was using to create these Capsules. Hoi Poi Capsules are identified by various classes, one of which is known to be 'M'.[1][2] Capsules are distributed by vendors throughout Earth, although the pricing varies depending on what it contains. It is possible to have an object adapted to turn into a Capsule. Capsules are also featured in various video games as a means of customizing playable characters.

Although Hoi Poi Capsules were created on Earth by Dr. Brief, Dr. Raichi used one before Dr. Brief was born in Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans. It could, however, be possible that Hoi Poi Capsules were created using similar technology on other planet(s).


Capsule Corporation Capsules contain all kinds of products from hovercars to refrigerators.

Capsule Corporation's line of capsules


VTOL Plane


Below are products whose Capsule number is unknown.

Red Ribbon Army line of Capsules

Below is the Red Ribbon Armys line of known Capsules.


RRA Capsule (close up)
  • 3 – RRA large fighter jet used by Goku to go to Jingle Village
  • 4 – RRA tanks, seen when used against Ox-King's Village
  • 5 – RRA jet-copter
  • 6 – RRA small fighter jets, seen the attack on the Ox-King's Village
  • 8 – RRA tanks, seen in The Path to Power
  • 11 – RRA jet-copter
  • 14 – RRA jet-copter
  • 16 – RRA jet-copter
  • 20 – RRA jet-copter
  • 23 – RRA jet-copter
  • 27 – RRA jet-copter
  • 29 – RRA jet-copter
  • 31 – RRA jet-copter
  • 41 – RRA Armored Vehicle[7]
  • 55 – RRA jet-copter
  • 57 – RRA jet-copter used by Scout 0-1
  • 72 – RRA jet-copter
  • 84 – RRA jet-copter, two of this number have been seen even though one was destroyed not long before
  • 87 – Portable RRA house, Colonel Silver's personal house
  • 112 – RRA jet-copter
  • 115 – RRA jet-copter
  • 157 – RRA jet-copter




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