Metro East

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Metro East (東 の 都, Azuma no Miyako; FUNimation "East City", Viz "East Capital"; Literally meaning "East of City") is a large city on Planet Earth.


Dragon Ball Z

Metro East was completely destroyed when Nappa launched an Exploding Wave shortly after reaching Earth with Vegeta, reducing the city to rubble. It should be noted that the inhabitants of this city were never revived by the Dragon Balls.

Video games

Orinji Temple was located in Metro East in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

Notable residents


  • In the censored version, it says that Nappa has destroyed an abandoned warehouse section and that nobody is harmed in the blast when in reality it is in a busy metropolitan area as many bystanders are watching them moments before the blast. Vegeta comments on it being a shame that it is the weekend and that the office blocks are not full.