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Gingertown (ジンジャータウン, Jinjātaun) is a town on Planet Earth.


Gingertown 2.png

Gingertown was located north of Metro West and had a population of 15,000 residents.[1] Imperfect Cell absorbed Gingertown's entire population during the Imperfect Cell Saga. Not long thereafter, the news agencies from Metro West arrived and reported on live television that the entire population had vanished, leaving only their clothing. They were also absorbed. The only living resident seen was Richest Man in Gingertown, who was about to be absorbed by Imperfect Cell when Piccolo arrived. Piccolo was not fast enough to save him and the helpless man was absorbed by Imperfect Cell. Incidentally, this man was the first victim to be seen absorbed by Imperfect Cell.

Gingertown was also the site of Imperfect Cell's confrontation with Piccolo Junior as a Super Namek (Piccolo's first fight after fusing with Kami). The town was mostly destroyed during the fight between Piccolo and Imperfect Cell. Imperfect Cell was far too strong for Piccolo to defeat, however, probably because the town had a large population, thus greatly increasing Imperfect Cell's strength.

After Super Perfect Cell's defeat, the Z Warriors used the Dragon Balls to resurrect those who had been killed by Cell, among whom were the town's citizens.

Video games

  • Gingertown appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. In the game the Z Warriors find the Time Machine used by Future Cell to go into the past in this area. They also find an opened egg-like object next to the Time Machine, and eventually a husk-like object nearby.


  • Both Gingertown and Nicky Town share their names with one of Garlic Junior's henchmen, in this case Ginger.
  • Richest Man in Gingertown looks similar to a man with a big moustache, big hair, and blue clothes who is drinking juice in Nicky Town in "Laboratory Basement". The man is also absorbed by Imperfect Cell.