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Laboratory Basement is the sixth episode of the Imperfect Cell Saga and the one hundred forty-fifth overall episode in the uncut version of Dragon Ball Z.


In this episode, Future Trunks Brief and Kuririn decided to let Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Vegeta try to find Future Cell while they flew to the ruins of Doctor Gero's Laboratory. They planned to search the debris and smouldering rubble to try and find the subterranean chamber where Cell was growing under care of Doctor Gero's Super Computer. After using energy wave attacks to blow up the rubble of Doctor Gero's Laboratory, Future Trunks and Krillin discovered a ladder leading straight into the ground. They slowly floated down and headed into the chamber.

Meanwhile, back at Kame House, Son Goku had recovered from the Heart Virus and pulled through. He was not fully rested, however, and needed to stay in bed a bit longer.

Back at the lab, Krillin is getting ready to blast everything in the area, but Future Trunks warns him not to, and takes a quick look around the lab, discovering the plans for Android 17. In hope of using the plans to find the technological terror's weak spot, they take them and begin to blow up the lab, first destroying various machines, the super computer, and finally, the Cell embryo, firing a double blast together. As they flee from the exploding lab, Future Trunks gives the plans to Krillin, and they agree to split up, Future Trunks going off to train with his father, Vegeta, and Krillin going off to show Bulma the Android plans, in the hope that it could be used to deactivate them.

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"By using Tien's Solar Flare, Cell manages to escape and suppress his power in order to complete his dreadful mission. After telling everyone the bad news, Piccolo and Tien find Cell, as Trunks and Krillin try to find the bunker beneath Gero's laboratory and destroy the present Cell and find some incredible news: the plans of Android 17." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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