May Queen Castle

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May Queen Castle (メイ クイーン城, Mei Kuiin-jō; FUNimation "Mei Queen Castle") is a giant castle on Baron Jaga Butta's Island.



May Queen Castle appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bio Broly. It was used by Baron Jaga Butta and located on a remote island on the opposite side of the island's city. There was a small port in front of the castle. The entrance led to a dooryard with a ring where the Biowarriors created by Jaga's scientists trained. Inside the castle, there was an elevator that led to an upper level where a Battle Arena was located. There was also a huge laboratory where Biowarriors were created and an office where Jaga kept his money.

The Battle Arena was surrounded by gigantic aquariums and armors. It also contained a huge screen (destroyed by Artificial Human No. 18) and a giant painting of Jaga (damaged by Trunks Brief and Son Goten). The arena could be opened to reveal the laboratory where the arena was in fact located.

The castle was damaged during the battle against Bio Broly and invaded by the Culture Fluid.

Video games[edit]

Jaguar Dome, located within May Queen Castle, is the battle stage used for the Mr. Satan mode in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butōden.


  • The castle's name, May Queen Castle, may be a reference to the rock band Queen which had a guitarist named Brian May.[citation needed]