Dracula Man

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"Thanks. I'll skip breakfast. Are you free for lunch? You could be the main course."
Dracula Man in "We Are The Five Warriors"

Dracula Man (ドラキュラ マン, Dorakyura Man; FUNimation "Fangs the Vampire", Viz "Count Dracula") is a Vampire.


Dragon Ball

Dracula Man was a Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) martial artist with the vampiric abilities to turn into a Bat and also suck blood from Humans ("nutrients" in the English dub). Goku could not find the last Dragon Ball on the Dragon Radar and Bulma Brief could not find anything wrong with it. Turtle Hermit suggested that they visit Uranai Baba, who was a witch, so that she could locate the Dragon Ball by Divination. Normally, a prophecy from Uranai Baba cost Ƶ10,000,000. They found out that, without money for the fee, the other choice was to defeat five of her fighters, and Dracula Man was the first fighter. Kuririn challenged Dracula Man with a smile on his face, but he turned into a Bat and sucked out almost all of his blood. This made Kuririn a good victim as Dracula Man kicked him out of the arena and Kuririn lost. Later, Dracula Man was defeated by Puar and Upa (using the mythological weapons against vampires such as garlic breath and the shape of a cross).


  • Kyūketsu – Kyūketsu (吸血, Kyūketsu) is the ability to suck blood from his victims.

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