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Vampires are monster-type Earthlings.


The vampires of Dragon Ball are all very similar to their real world counterparts in terms of their abilities to turn into Bats, their blood diet, and their weaknesses to garlic and religious-related things. Unlike how vampires are usually shown in media, the ones in Dragon Ball appear to have no weakness to sunlight. Only two confirmed vampires are seen in the series: Uranai Baba's minion, Dracula Man, and Count Drac, seen in Fusion Reborn. It is likely that Count Drac was a nod to the famous monster Dracula.

A number of unnamed characters in the series bear some resemblance to Dracula Man and Count Drac, but it is unknown if they are vampires. These unnamed characters are: a member of the Toad Warriors, a member of the Battle Ball Team, and a few others. It is possible that Lucifer is of this race, but due to the fact that he needs to stay out of the Sun to stay alive it seems unlikely.

Video games

Several variants of vampires appear as common enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

Known Vampires