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"Think of it as a ladder. On the bottom rung is all of space. Higher up is hell and then Snake Way. At the next level are the planets of the four kais who oversee their parts of the universe. And higher still, above the four kais and all the rest is the Grand Kai's planet."
Olivue in "Tournament Begins"

Olivue (オリブー, Oribū; FUNimation "Olibu") is formerly from the North Galaxy.

Olivue's Japanese name is a pun on the word Oriibu, or Olive in English.


Goku and Olivue preparing for the Next World Tournament.

Olivue is at least 2 feet taller than Goku and has a large muscular body. He has long blonde hair and purple eyes. He dons white Ancient Greek-style robes with brown suspenders and a belt. He wears white bands on his wrists and shins and dons large light brown boots. He also wears an orange headband.


Next to Son Goku, Olivue the North Galaxy's its greatest fighter in the Next World. He was originally from Planet Earth and North Kaio stated that most of Planet Earth's heroic legends were based off of Olivue's acts of heroism during his life. Due to his heroism, he was granted access to live and train on Grand Kaio's World. When the Next World Tournament took place, Olivue battled and lost to Pikkon in the quarter-finals.

During the Kid Boo Saga, Olivue was seen with another fighter sparring with Yamucha and taunted Kid Boo along with Pikkon. His last appearance was when he and hundreds of other fighters watched Goku's battle against Kid Boo.


Olibu (left) in Fusion Reborn.

Olivue made a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

Video games

Olivue appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

Major battles


  • Olivue may be based on Hercules in terms of having "heroic legends" being based on him, as North Kaio himself suggested. He also resembles He-Man from the Masters of the Universe series and bears some resemblance to Conan the Barbarian and Thor from Marvel Comics, which are all based on the same Hercules-type hero.