Grand Kaio's World

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Grand Kaio's World (大界王星, Daikaiō-sei; FUNimation "Grand Kai's Planet"; Literally meaning "Large World King Planet") is a planet in the Kaio Realm.


Dragon Ball Z

Grand Kaio's World was home to Grand Kaio.

Great Saiyaman Saga

Grand Kaio's World

After Cell destroyed North Kaio's World, North Kaio, Bubbles, Gregory, and Son Goku decided to take a trip to Grand Kaio's World so that Goku could meet other powerful heroes. After doing so, Goku competed in the Next World Tournament where he most notably fought against Pikkon. Goku ended the tournament with a draw against Pikkon since both of them touched the ceiling of the Next World Tournament Stadium, ending in a loss for both sides. Goku continued to live and train on the planet for the next seven years.

Buu Saga

Kid Boo appearing on Grand Kaio's World.
Goku vs. Pikkon in the barrier-affected match on Grand Kaio's World.

During the Buu Saga, Kid Boo appeared on Grand Kaio's World in his search for Goku and Vegeta. North Kaio was terrified at the sight of Kid Boo. Pikkon and Olibu seemed to enjoy the presence of the pink creature.

It did not take long for Kid Boo to become destructive. The only people aware of his true strengths were North Kaio, West Kaio, Kuririn, and Yamucha, who all trembled with fear. When Kid Boo began to power up in order to destroy the planet, Goku and Vegeta also powered up on Planet Kaioshin. Kid Boo sensed this and immediately teleported to that planet, thus saving Grand Kaio's World and its inhabitants in the nick of time.


Dragon Ball Z: Bio Broly

Grand Kaio's World appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bio Broly.

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Grand Kaio's Palace

Grand Kaio's World appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. The Anoyoichi Tournament was brought to an abrupt end at the finals due to a barrier that was created by Janemba. Grand Kaio sent for the battlers Goku and Pikkon to solve the problem.

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