Rabbit Gang (faction)

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The Rabbit Gang (ウサギ だん, Usagi Dan; FUNimation "Rabbit Mob") is a group led by Usagi Ninjinka. They control a small remote town as part of their turf.


Dragon Ball

Usagi, leader of the Rabbit Gang

The whole group, excluding the boss, were Humans who wore fake black rabbit ears and carried around Machine Guns. Their leader, Usagi Ninjinka, was an actual talking Rabbit. He was feared for his Magic Touch and was accompanied by his two Rabbit Gang Members (ウサギ 団員, Usagi Dan'in) (apparently the only other members of the gang). While not very magical, his minions were skilled shooters and very brutal.

The two Rabbit Gang Members stole Apples from a fruit vendor and demanded money when the Apples tasted bad, jaywalked, and attacked a boy and his mother. After they started hitting on Bulma Brief, she called them childish grown men and the two drew their weapons, but were soon beaten by Son Goku. After their defeat, they called their boss to come and help them. When Usagi arrived in his car, he turned Bulma into a Carrot and warned the others that he would eat her if they did not listen to his orders. Goku tried to use his Power Pole, but Usagi dodged it and hopped to a safe distance. Oolong then left the others behind and Goku was beat up by the Rabbit Gang. With help from Puar and Yamucha, however, Goku subdued the three and took the trio to the Moon to make candy for a year. He told them that if they made enough treats he would bring them back.

Video games

It is was never revealed in the anime or the manga if they were brought back down before the Moon was destroyed, however, the Rabbit Gang was back on Planet Earth and took over Yamucha's Hideout in Mount Paozu in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.