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The Androids Appear is the first episode of the Androids Saga and the one hundred twenty-sixth overall episode in the uncut version of Dragon Ball Z.


The androids appear for the first time.

Three years have past since the visit by the mysterious Future Trunks. Goku, Piccolo and Gohan leave to go and face their destiny against enemies they have only heard about, but not seen. They are as prepared as they could be, but according to Piccolo, they could have trained more than they did.

On the way to the island city, they find Krillin flying ahead of them, and he joins them on their way to the androids.

The Z Fighters stop at a bluff overlooking the city and meet up with Tien and Yamcha. The only warriors for Earth that seem to be missing are Vegeta and Chiaotzu. Tien then informs them that he left Chiaotzu at Master Roshi's for fear that the little dumpling wouldn't make it away alive in the upcoming skirmish. The Z Fighters are surprised to see Bulma there on the bluff carrying a small child. Goku then gives away the secret of who the father is and the baby's name.

After killing some time by entertaining little baby Trunks, Yajirobe arrives and gives the Z Fighters a present from Korin the mystical Senzu Beans which restore energy and strength. When asked if he would fight along side them...Yajirobe respectfully declined. Yajirobe then flies away in his spaceship...only to be shot down by 2 mysterious figures in the sky.

While Gohan flies to help Yajirobe, the warriors fly down to the city to find these mysterious assailants, which proves to be more challenging than they first thought, for they have never even seen a picture of them.

Through the town walk Android 19 and Android 20 looking for vicitms. Some townfolk dare to insult the evil ones, and while 2 are being knocked out by Android 19, a passing motorist decides to yell at Android 20 for standing in the middle of the road. Android 20, who is not too pleased by this, decides to first remove the engine from the vehicle, then lift the motorist through the roof.

The screaming alerts Yamcha who happens to be nearby, and he decides to find out the disturbance before alerting the others. He does not recognize the Androids for a moment, and then he sees it - they are both wearing the Red Ribbon Army insignia on their caps. In his moment of surprise, Android 20 gets the drop on him.

Dr. Gero grabs Yamcha by his face, draining his life force out through his mouth. A passing truck driver swerves to avoid the 3 of them and winds up crashing into a local gas station which causes a rather sizeable explosion. Eventually, Dr. Gero drives his other hand through Yamcha's chest, gravely wounding him.

The explosion catches the attention of the warriors who rush towards the chaos. Will the Z Fighters be in time to save their friend Yamcha? Or will this truly be the end of him?

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