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"Oogh tricky... now I've got some trickies too"
Bacterian in "Smells Like Trouble"

Bacterian (バクテリアン, Bakuterian; FUNimation "Bacterian", Viz "Bacterian") is a martial artist.

Bacterian's Japanese name is a pun on the word Bakuteria, or Bacteria in English.

Appearance and personality

Bacterian is a filthy and very muscular Human. He has the reputation of never taking a bath or brushing his teeth in his entire life. He uses this stench to gain a tactical advantage in fighting, making his opponents only fight with one hand since they have to use their other one to hold their nose.


Tournament Saga

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Bacterian rubbing his bottom on Kuririn.
Bacterian being defeated by Kuririn's fart.

Bacterian competed in the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. He first appeared in the room where the Elimination Rounds were being held. Bulma Brief, who was watching the competitors through a window, was frightened when Bacterian put his face up against the window. After the Elimination Rounds ended, Bacterian made it to the quarter finals and was matched against Kuririn.

In the match, Bacterian had the advantage as he hit Kuririn with almost all of his disgusting attacks. This was until Son Goku assured Kuririn that because he was missing a nose, he was just imagining the smell. With this reminder, Kuririn almost instantly made his comeback and gained the advantage against Bacterian. Kuririn defeated him by farting in his face, which knocked him out. The Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer said that though Bacterian may be used to his own stench, another person's stench could still stun him.

King Piccolo Saga

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It was in a brief appearance during the King Piccolo Saga that Bacterian was revealed to be homeless. Unfortunately, he was assaulted and killed by Tambourine, who took pleasure in tormenting him as he was unfazed by Bacterian's strong odor (though he did comment that killing Bacterian was his "smelliest job"). He killed him by channeling his ki into an electric attack and electrocuted him to death. Later in the saga, Bacterian's life was restored by a wish made to Shen Long using the Dragon Balls.


  • Kōshū Kōgeki – The Kōshū Kōgeki (口臭 攻撃, Kōshū Kōgeki) is when he inhales and then spews a killer breath.
  • Smelly Finger Attack – The Smelly Finger Attack is when Bacterian reaches inside his underwear and rubs his groin for a bit then takes out a scrotum sweat filled hand and touches his foe with his pointer finger.
  • Sukashippe – The Sukashippe (Sukashippe) is where Bacterian sits above his opponent and farts in their face, allowing himself to rub his butt on their face and/or body.
  • Tan Kōgeki – He uses the Tan Kōgeki (痰 攻撃, Tan Kōgeki) to spit out a mucus-filled piece of saliva at his opponent to knock them out. It is said to be his most powerful attack and so vile that no one has ever survived it (or at least did not take a hit from it without fainting), and even Elephants are scared of it.
  • Up and Down – Up and Down is when Bacterian jumps up and down forcefully on his opponent and yells, "Up and Down".

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