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Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer (司会者, Shikaisha; FUNimation "World Martial Arts Tournament Announcer"; Literally meaning "Emcee") hosts every Tenkaichi Tournament from the beginning of Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball GT. He mainly gives commentary for the matches, but usually also counts when a contestant is down.


Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer in Dragon Ball.

In every Tenkaichi Tournament, aside from the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament, an unfortunate event occurs that enhances his role, such as during the King Piccolo Saga when he witnessed Kuririn slain by Tambourine. Later, he became very important as he witnessed Son Goku's fight against Piccolo from the sidelines with the others. He was the one who declared Goku the winner of the tournament match, making him one of the few civilians to know the truth (this event was later referenced during the Majin Buu Saga when Piccolo competed in the Tenkaichi Tournament and jokingly asked him not to destroy the ring again.)

Over the years, he became an acquaintance of the Z Warriors and knew that they had been responsible for saving Planet Earth, not Mister Satan. He thought that it was Son Goku who had killed Cell as he was a witness to Goku's feats of power at the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament, 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament, and 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament (although it was Son Gohan who actually destroyed the villian). He somewhat doubted Satan's abilities, such as when Vegeta went out of control. Although he believed Satan was not the hero he claimed to be, he praised him in order to make fans cheer. He rated Goku on par with Fat Boo in the 28th Tenkaichi Tournament and said that he thought they would make it to the finals – a very accurate prediction if Goku had not flown off to train Oob.

He was seen amongst the crowd when Kuririn held the Genki Dama. His age began to show by the end of Dragon Ball Z as he had lost hair and had very noticeable wrinkles.

Dragon Ball GT

Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer's Descendant's hair was white.

Video games

Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer appeared Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, and Dragon Ball Online[8]


He is named Shinpan (審判, Shinpan; Literally meaning "Referee") in Miracle Battle Carddass Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball Carddass Hondan, Carddass Hondan Complete Box, and Carddass Hondan Half.

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  • The Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer has a form of dyslexia. This is shown when he has trouble reading Goku's name the first time he is in a tournament. This is the same mistake he makes with Chaozu in the following tournament. Another example is when he announces Wolf Man instead of Man Wolf.[9]
  • In the manga, the Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer says that Son Chichi is the first female ever to be in the finals during the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament, but Ranfan is also in the finals of the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament.
  • During the first match between Kuririn andBacterian, a helper is seen counting instead of Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer at the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament.