Barrage Death Beam

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The Barrage Death Beam (連続 デス ビーム, Renzoku Desu Biimu; Literally meaning "Continuous Death Beam") is an energy wave barrage attack and used by Freeza in his Final Form.


Final Form Freeza extends his index finger at his target as if he were about to fire the Death Beam. He then fires the Death Beam multiple times at a very fast rate, inflicting a great deal of damage.


Dragon Ball Z[edit]

Frieza Saga[edit]

Final Form Freeza using the Barrage Death Beam against Super Saiyan Goku.

Final Form Freeza used this attack a few times in his battle against Son Goku. When Goku arrived on the battlefield where Son Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo witnessed Vegeta being tortured by Final Form Freeza. Final Form Freeza started off by firing one Death Beam at Goku, who easily deflected it. Final Form Freeza then fired the Barrage Death Beam thinking Goku would not be able to deflect the attack. Goku easily deflected every Death Beam away from his friends with only one hand, much to Final Form Freeza's surprise.

Later, after Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan, Final Form Freeza fired the Barrage Death Beam again at Super Saiyan Goku. He easily dodged the attack, however, which destroyed the remaining islands and other rock formations.

Final Form Freeza also used it while toying with Gohan, who had come to fight Final Form Freeza after he thought his father had died.

Cell Games Saga[edit]

Perfect Cell using the Barrage Death Beam against Gohan.

Cell could also use the Barrage Death Beam in his Perfect form, mostly due to having some of Freeza's cells inside him. In the Cell Games, Cell used the Barrage Death Beam while fighting against Gohan in his Full Power Super Saiyan form, though the young Saiyan was able to dodge them.

Video games[edit]

Barrage Death Beam is named in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and is one of Final Form Frieza and Perfect Cell's Blast 2 attacks. It also appeared in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.