Atomic Blast

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The Atomic Blast (アトミック ブラスト, Atomikku Burasuto) is a rush attack used by Super Vegeta.


First, Super Vegeta says, "You fool!" and punches his opponent in their stomach. Next, he roundhouse kicks his opponent around and punches them in their back. Finally, Super Vegeta flips upside down in the air and puts his hands forward to blast his opponent away with an energy wave, inflicting a huge amount of damage.


Dragon Ball Z[edit]

Super Vegeta used this attack in his battle against Cell in his Semi-Perfect form. He lured Semi-Perfect Cell into the ocean and the Artificial Human began blasting the surrounding area in order to draw out Super Vegeta. When the Saiyan prince finally appeared, Semi-Perfect Cell tried to attack him, but Super Vegeta counterattacked with the Atomic Blast rush, battering and blasting the Artificial Human out of the ocean.

Video games[edit]

Atomic Blast appeared in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and is one of Super Vegeta's Super Attacks.

Similar techniques[edit]

Vegeta blasting ReaCoom.

Vegeta used a similar technique to the last part of the rush attack in a battle against ReaCoom prior to his battle against Semi-Perfect Cell. After being smashed into the ground and grabbed by the leg, Vegeta blasted ReaCoom's face and knocked him onto the ground.