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"Battle of the Bleeders" (大流血戦, Dai-Ryūketsusen; Literally meaning "A Great Bloody Battle") is chapter 100 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Yamcha tells Pu'er and Upa to stay back so he can fight, and Baba notes that they only have two fighters left now, while she has four. But Yamcha says he'll defeat the remaining four by himself. Goku's worried about not getting to fight, and Yamcha tells him it's been much longer since he's gotten the chance to fight.

Yamcha tells her to bring out the next fighter, and Baba says he's already here. Yamcha doesn't see him, and Baba says he's the invisible man, Mr. Invisible! Baba calls for the match to begin, and Mr. Invisible starts attacking him. Yamcha swipes at him, but keeps missing, while Mr. Invisible keeps landing hits. Baba wonders where all of his confidence went, and Goku doesn't understand how Yamcha's getting beaten up with no one else there. Kuririn suddenly yells at Goku to go get Muten Rōshi and Bulma, and Goku asks why. Kuririn tells him to not worry about it and just go. Goku flies off on Kinto-Un, and Baba wonders about him usng Kinto-Un.

Yamcha gets hit again, and says he can just barely hear when he moves. Yamcha hears him chuckle, and manages to kick Mr. Invisible, explaining his strategy. Baba starts singing to distract Yamcha, and Mr. Invisible gets another shot in. Yamcha says that singing makes it impossible to hear the invisible man's movements, and Baba asks if he gives up. "C-crap... If I could just see him...!!"

Goku returns with Kame-Sen'nin hanging from one hand and Bulma hanging from the other, and Kuririn thinks he's just in time. They ask Kuririn what he wants with them, and Kuririn says he wants to use them for this match. He positions them so that they're facing each other, and then he gets up on the edge of the ring behind Bulma and waits for it... Kuririn pulls Bulma's top down, which makes Kame-Sen'nin's nose bleed, and it squirts all over Mr. Invisible. Yamcha can see him now, and so he uses his Rōga Fū-Fū Ken, pounding on Mr. Invisible until he holds up a white flag. Everyone's excited, and Bulma slugs Kuririn for exposing a maiden's breasts like that, and he says he was helping her boyfriend. Kame-Sen'nin says he could've killed him making an old man bleed like that, but thinks he did a good job. Baba compliments them, and laughs about her three remaining fighters.

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