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"Goku at the Plate!" (孫悟空見参, Son Gokū Kenzan; Literally meaning "Son Goku Steps Up") is chapter 102 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Yamcha manages to climb back up, and Bulma cheers him on to get the "bandaged bastard". He uses his Rōga Fū-Fū Ken, but Mummy-kun is just too fast, and manages to dodge all of his attacks. Mummy-kun sweep kicks Yamcha, knocking him down, and then he jumps up and comes down, kneeing Yamcha in the stomach. Mummy-kun stands over him, and tells him he's boring, telling him he should quit. Yamcha takes the opportunity to knock him off his feet and into the lava. But Mummy-kun shoots one of his bandages and catches onto a tongue, then swings over to the wall, and kicks off of it to get back up. Mummy-kun wants to end this, and so he runs over and punches Yamcha in the face, then knees him in the gut. He pounds Yamcha on the back of the neck, and then holds him by the neck over the lava and asks him to give up, and so he concedes.

Yamcha makes his way upstairs to the little skybox everyone's been watching from, and everyone wishes the very excited Goku good luck. Mummy-kun and Baba laugh about this kid being their last competitor, and Kame-Sen'nin contemplates Goku's strength. Baba calls for the match to begin, and Mummy-kun is curious about this kid's confidence.

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